Episode 4 – True Tales of the Supernatural

Mike recounts four true tales of eerieness from his own life. William-Freakin-Shatner provides the musical interlude. Then R2 goes nuts on the Pod-O-Matic, talking about Batman, scented candles, guilty pleasure movies, and Mike’s wife.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 4 – True Tales of the Supernatural

Show Notes
Sponsor: Trickle Triquid
True Tales of the Supernatural
–Poplar Avenue
–Herman Goerring
–Calvin & Hobbes and the Phantom Road
–Alt 14: A Ghost Story
Music: William Shatner, Common People
BAMQotW: Conan vs. Conan
–Guilty pleasure movies
–Batman: cool or moody
–Best non-supers comic
–Scented candles
–Mike’s hot wife

Episode 3 – Nerd Pride Radio Minicast

In this episode, Mike blows off the podcast to go play Dungeons & Dragons. Clocking in at just over 15 minutes, Nerd Pride Radio presents its first ever Minicast! Music this week from Your Favorite Martian.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 2 – 80’s Movie Bullies

Show Notes
Cohost: Lando Calrissian
Blow off the podcast
Pod-O-Matic: SitCom Deathmatch, Gilligan’s Island
Music: Your Favorite Martian, Zombie Love Song
BAMQotW: Planet of the Apes
Music: Your Favorite Martian, Club Villain
Pod-O-Matic: Dvorak
Dr. Zaius

Episode 2 – 80’s Movie Bullies

In this episode, I run down the top 10 Movie Bullies of the 1980’s. Janie Porsche and Wheatus provide the music. Then I work the Battle of Agincourt into my new feature: Bad-Ass Movie Quote of the Week. And, of course, R2 helps us close down the show!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 2 – 80’s Movie Bullies

Show Notes
Sponsor: Wienie Hut Jr’s
Mike was Wrong: Cruithne
80’s Movie Bullies
–Scut Farcas (A Christmas Story)
–Mick McAllister (Teen Wolf)
–Roy Stalin (Better Off Dead)
–Johnny Lawrence (Karate Kid)
–The Heathers (Heathers)
–Biff Tannen (Back to the Future)
–Ace Merrill (Stand By Me)
–Richard Vernon (Breakfast Club)
–Stan Gable (Revenge of the Nerds)
–Chet Donnely (Weird Science)
Music — Janie Porshe, 9 to 5
Music — Wheatus, Teenage Dirtbag
Badass Movie Quote of the Week: Henry V
Battle of Agincourt
–Justin Timberlake
–Other Podcasts
Her Majesty

Episode 1 – Nerd Pride

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Episode 1 is now available!

In Episode 1, I talk about the concept of nerd pride. I play a little music, and then I get funky with the Pod-O-Matic. I’ll get more detailed with the show notes in the future, but for now… Hey look! It’s a podcast!

Show Notes
Cohost: My giant ego
Nerd Pride
Music – P!nk, Raise Your Glass
–Pluto’s not a planet
–Movie Review: True Grit
–I’ve stopped calling gay
Call Me Al