Episode 5 – Willa Cather Dinner

Mike recounts he and his wife’s trip to Red Cloud to the Willa Cather convention, plus he touches briefly on his brother’s book, The Norns’ Quest. Music from Roison Murphy and Mirah. And R2 brings the Pod-O-Matic.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 5 – Willa Cather Dinner

Show Notes
Intro (w/ass-coins)
Cohost: Sonejj Ekim
Feedback: DMDarcs hates Her Majesty
Mike was Wrong
–Prattville geography
Willa Cather Dinner
Music: Roison Murphy, Ramalama (Bang Bang)
Norn’s Quest
Music: Mirah, The Garden
BAMQotW: Jack Palance in City Slickers
–Witness to historical events
–Pronounce vociferously
–What’d you watch on Roku
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Red Cloud, Nebraska

Here I was all geared up to do an entire episode about Disney Princesses for episode 5 (try to figure out if I’m kidding). But then my wife and I went to Red Cloud, Nebraska to attend part of the Willa Cather convention, watch silent movies, meet an old friend for the first time, and hang out with the Mont Alto Orchestra. My mind reels with podcasting possibilities! The Princesses will have to wait…

Without giving too much away, let me just say that we met up with Eliahad from the website, whom I’ve known online for more than 10 years but have never met in person. We got to hang out with him and his lovely wife and the rest of the orchestra, and we had the most wonderful time. Beforehand, there was a bit of nerves, wondering how everyone would get along, if we’d really have anything to talk about, that sort of nonsense. I shouldn’t have worried. It was exactly like getting together with old friends, and I would do it again in a heartbeat if the opportunity arises.

What a wonderful weekend!