Episode 11 – Punk Rock & RPGs

Interspersed with his regular topics, Mike covers all his favorite flavors of punk rock music: Celtic Punk? Gypsy Punk? Cowpunk? All that and more. In the spaces in between, there’s LARPing, Scouting, and musical theater. And of course, R2 tops it all off with the Pod-O-Matic. You like Jawas? Paranoia? New Mutants? Yeah, that’s all in there too.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 11 – Punk Rock & RPGs

Show Notes

Cohost: Father MacGruder

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Turntable: Punk Rock genres
Music: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Danny’s Song
Something Completely Different: Cub Scout Knights
Music: The Reverend Horton Head, Psychobilly Freakout
Gaming Table: LARPing
Music: Old Man Markley, For Better or Worse
Nerd Culture Report: Musicals
Music: The Dropkick Murphys, I’m Shipping Up to Boston
Music: The Dropkick Murphys, Peg O’ My Heart
Nerd Rage: Babbling about our obsessions
Music: Gogol Bordello, Start Wearing Purple
BAMQotW: Dead Alive
Word of the Week: Petard
Music: Reel Big Fish, A Little Doubt Goes a Long Way

Higher math
Funniest comedian
Top 3 New Mutants
Which element would you have dominance over
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Favorite TMBG song
DM screen or no DM screen


Episode 10 – Ode to Longbottom

The list is just too long this week! There’s 30 Rock and NaNoWriMo, 3D printers and a little Nerd Rage. There’s music from Cage the Elephant, and in the Pod-O-Matic, Mike wraps it all up with a loving testimony to Neville Longbottom and the house of Hufflepuff. It’s just too nerd awesome!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 10 – Ode to Longbottom

Show Notes
No cohost; no sponsor
Feedback: Tom Cruise Crazy
Mike was WRONG: Karaoke

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Metatalk: State of the Podcast
As Seen on TV: 30 Rock
Nerd Culture Report: Anime
Science Corner: 3D printers
Something Completely Different: NaNoWriMo
Nerd Rage: Pseudo-science
Music: Cage the Elephant, Around My Head
BAMQotW: Keanu Medley
Word of the Week: Pessimal
Music: Cage the Elephant, No Rest for the Wicked

How hot is Felicia Day?
What question are you tired of?
RPGs and LARPs
Angry Birds
Wake up Trekkies
Worst game you’ve played
Ability score generation
Smurfs vs. Oompa Loompas
What classes did you take?
Did you cry at Cast Away?
Neville Longbottom


Episode 9 – Havering

In episode 9, Mike ponders nerd recruitment and karaoke and recounts his recent exploration of linguistics. In the Pod-O-Matic we finally learn who’s hotter: teachers or librarians, and there’s a song from Mariachi El Bronx. Happily, seemingly every topic ties back to Dungeons & Dragons somehow. What a great show!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 9 – Havering

Show Notes
Cohost: A Scotsman on a horse
Nerd Culture Report: Recruiting
Gaming Table: Random Encounters and PreGen Characters
Science Corner: Wikipedia and linguistics
The Turntable: Karaoke
Music: Mariachi El Bronx, Cell Mates
BAMQotW: Princess Bride
Word of the Week: Haver
–Song of Storms
–D&D Snacks
–Favorite LotR character
–My D&D character
–Librarians vs. teachers
–Did you always want to be a nerd?
Mike was WRONG: Audacity

Episode 8 – Botox & Diet Soda

Mike unleashes the brand new format for the show, and it’s awesome! Facial Feedback theory on the sciene corner; a double feature movie review; and the first installment of Nerd Rage. All this, plus the music of Jonathan Coulton and plenty of Pod-O-Matic.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 8 – Botox & Diet Soda

Show Notes
Sponsor: Committee to Re-Elect Cthulhu
Feedback: Kyle, Tahlvin, Snowinjuly, McDiddles
Gaming Table: Playing games with a 5-year-old
Science Corner: Facial feedback theory
SciFi Double Feature: Thor & Weird Science
Nerd Rage: Diet soda
Music: Jonathan Coulton, Skullcrusher Mountain
BAMQotW: Princess Bride
Music: Jonathan Coulton, I Crush Everything
–Underappreciated actors
–Iconic gingers
–Rate the podcast
–Acceptable dice
–Actors in bad scifi films
–Actors in bad horror films
–Ryan doesn’t even notice me
–Game balance
–Bad film with many good actors
Achin’ for Bacon (yup yup)

Episode 7 – Pathfinder & ExoPlanets

Mike’s working on the show format. He talks about gaming and Pathfinder, and then reveals his love of exo-planets. Music by The Black Keys, and then R2 takes us on a long journey through card games, cosplaying, and Eddie Murphy’s career.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 7 – Pathfinder & ExoPlanets

Show Notes
Sponsor: Norwegian Kitchen Outfitters
Mike was Wrong:
–Princess Balls
–The Norwegian Chef
Gaming Table:
–Games I made
Science Corner: ExoPlanets
Music: The Black Keys, Next Girl
BAMQotW: Animal House
Music: The Black Keys, Tighten Up
–Airline food
–Card games
–Serious Paul
–If your life was a movie
–Con costumes
–Exclamation points
–Eddie Murphy
Swedish Chef