Episode 15 – The Cheese Nerd & RPG Romance

For Thanksgiving, Mike ponders romance in role-playing games as well as horror RPGs. We get a glimpse of Mike’s cheese fantasies and Yancey’s dream festival. For music, Mike delves into his collection of tunes from the American South and then lets R2 take over and finish the show with the Pod-O-Matic: emoticons, comic books, Voltaire, and a trip to Uruguay… it’s all in there.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 15 – The Cheese Nerd & RPG Romance

Show Notes

Sponsor: Yancey’s Fancy Cheeses

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Science Corner: I want my auto-car
Gaming Table: Romance in RPGs
Nerd Culture Report: I wanna be a cheese nerd
Something Completely Different: Newman Grove JO
Nerd Rage: Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales
Music: Delta Rae, Bottom of the River
Word of the Week: Adoxography
Music: Wayne Hancock, 87 Southbound
BAMQofW: The American President
Music: The Constellations, Perfect Day

DC v Marvel
Road snacks
Dwarf v Elf
Music of Voltaire
File 13
Copying the Animalcast
Horror RPGs


Episode 14 – Katy Bar the Door

Hold onto your hats and Katy Bar the Door! Mike’s got a full plate of nerdity this time. First a look at the engineering marvel that is The World (Islands), then talk about turds on TV, THREE movies in the Double Feature, mini-nerd-rage, and of course R2’s there to bring it all home in the Pod-O-Matic. Nerd Pride’s first Kiss/Marry/Kill, plus elevator buttons and Lucky Charms marshmallows. Who could ask for more?


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 14 – Katy Bar the Door

Show Notes
Nerd Pride smells like Star Fleet Academy locker rooms
Updates: Archipelago
Mike was WRONG: Mike messed s**t up

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Science Corner: The World Islands
As Seen on TV: American Horror Story, Mad, language on TV
Sci-Fi Double Feature: Deconstructionist films; Galaxy Quest, Skakespeare in Love, Soapdish
Turntable: Shatner’s new album
Nerd Rage: Cell phones in movies
Music: Hugo, 99 Problems
Word of the Week: Katy Bar the Door
BAMQotW: Night of the Hunter
Music: Carolina Chocolate Drops, Hit Em Up Style

K/M/K – Molly Ringwold, Ally Sheedy, NPH
Favorite number
Behind camera or in front?
SF that blows your mind
Elevator buttons
Lucky Charms marshmallows

You ain’t nerd! You ain’t nothin!

Episode 13 – Dutch Plans and Clown Funerals

Mike takes a look at the awesome foresight of the Dutch and their amazing 200 year plan and then segues smoothly into a clown funeral. Music from Never Shout Never, and on the Pod-O-Matic: Mandalorian, Jackie Chan vs. Bruce Willis, and gorilla gorilla gorilla.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 13 – Dutch Plans and Clown Funerals

Show Notes
Cohost: Viscount St. Austell-in-the-Moor Biggleswade-Bruxham
Feedback: Skree and Skree’s Dad
Update: NaNoWriMo
Update: The Anime Project
Mike Was WRONG: I’m not that old
Mike Was WRONG: WWE Fanfic

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Gaming Table: Clue LARP!
Nerd Culture Report: Beaker the Muppet
Science Corner: Netherlands 200 year plan
Something Completely Different: Funeral for a Clown
Nerd Rage: American currency
Music: Never Shout Never, The S**t Gets Old
BAMQotW: Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction
Word of the Week: Mammon
Music: Never Shout Never, I Can’t Stand It

Speaking Mandalorian
Games that waste space on your shelf
Genus & Species
Sticking things up my nose
Jackie Chan vs. Bruce Willis
Who can be a nerd?


Episode 12 – Feedback, Fanfic, and TMBG

Lots and lots of feedback this week, and then a look at some of the darker corners of fan-fiction. Mike saw They Might Be Giants in concert this week, and he can’t shut up about them! And of course R2 brings the Pod-O-Matic, with living in Japan, Zombie Cinema, and finally, which elves are the best. It’s nerdtacular!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 12 – Feedback, Fanfic, and TMBG

Show Notes
Best smelling podcast
Feedback: Daz
Mike was WRONG: Manx language
Feedback: Skree’s a Mandalorian

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Science Fiction Double Feature: X-Men First Class and Die Hard
Nerd Culture Report: Pro-wrestling fan-fiction
Nerd Rage: GPS & Cell phones in sci-fi movies
Music: They Might Be Giants, Your Racist Friend
Music: They Might Be Giants, Particle Man
Word of the Week: Penultimate
BAMQotW: Real Genius twofer
Music: They Might Be Giants, Spoiler Alert
Music: They Might Be Giants, The Mesopotamians

Living in Japan
Dr Pepper 10
What’s up with elves?
Name a child for a superhero
Best comic book movie EVAR
Zombie Cinema

Paul Bunyan