Episode 19 – Kooikerhondje

For Christmas, Mike has not one… but TWO gaming topics this week: Method 1 characters, and the secret lives of teen roleplayers. Plus, Mike is apparently in love with Kaylee Frye and hates Twilight. Go figure. This week’s awesome music is from King Charles, and R2’s Pod-O-Matic asks all the tough questions: Hippo or chimp? Team Edward or Team Jacob? Voldemort or Sauron? Plus the final word on the superiority of real dice over random number generators. All that and a pegacorn? You bet! Merry Christmas!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 19 – Kooikerhondje

Show Notes

Cohost: Hobo Steve
Something Completely Different: Johnny Carson’s house
Mike was WRONG: Hobo Steve

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Gaming Table: Broken Characters
As Seen on TV: I love Kaylee Frye
Gaming Table: Kids and roleplaying
Nerd Rage: Twilight
Music: King Charles, Bam Bam
Word of the Week: Kooikerhondje
BAMQotW: Underworld
Music: King Charles, We Didn’t Start the Fire

Boots of Dancing
Hippo vs Chimp
Biting toenails
Podcast suggestions
Team Edward::Team Jacob
Voldemort or Sauron
Claw games
Random Number Generator vs Dice
Alec Baldwin and Brasky

Diary of a Sidekick, part 2

Episode 18 – Broken Characters & Hobo Steve

Mike opens up about his strange obsession with numbers, then talks about his love of broken characters in RPGs. There’s the upcoming Airbender series, and the twisted secret of… Hobo Steve. Music from AWOLNATION, and of course R2 with the Pod-O-Matic. This week’s Pod-O-Matic: Star Wars v. Star Trek; are there RPGs in Russia; a new Kiss-Marry-Kill; cheese talk; and the long-awaited A-Team/Kidd Video mashup! So strap in and take a listen!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 18 – Broken Characters & Hobo Steve

Show Notes

Nerd Pride smells like Monte Cook’s beard
Feedback: Commentary from strangers
Updates: Power Man – Hero for Hire

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Science Corner: Mike’s obsession with numbers
Gaming Table: Broken/flawed characters
Nerd Culture Report: Competition and sportsmanship
As Seen on TV: The Last Airbender-The Legend of Korra
Something Completely Different: Translating Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Something Completely Different: Hobo Steve
BAMQofW: V for Vendetta
Music: AWOLNATION, All I Need

Warehouse 13
Most recent nightmare
Star Wars v Star Trek
RPGs in Russia
Kiss-Marry-Kill: 80’s sitcom edition
How often?
Bring one classic D&D spell to the real world
Processed cheese
Imaginary friends
A-Team/Kidd Video mashup

Weezer’s In the Garage

Episode 17 – Outnerded

In this episode, Mike has found his Nerd of the Year: 17 year old Angela Zhang who can outnerd any one of you! Plus the greatest Christmas carol ever, and Mike rages pointlessly over his wealth of gadgets. After music from the Beastie Boys, R2 delivers hard on the Pod-O-Matic: it brings up Fred Hicks and Chris Hardwick, there’s a height check on gnolls, some 13th Warrior and Time Cop, and Mike’s favorite moment from the game Paranoia. And with all of that, Mike is still outnerded by Angela Zhang.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 17 – Outnerded

Show Notes

Sponsor: Hyrule Bikini Team
Updates: Archipelago

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Science Corner: Angela Zhang
Nerd Culture Report: The Nerd Pride triumverate
Turntable: A Bone God Wot
Nerd Rage: A plethora of electronics
Music: Beastie Boys, Intergalactic
Word of the Week: Cullion
Music: Beastie Boys, Brass Monkey
BAMQotWeek: X-Men
Music: Beastie Boys, Make Some Noise

Talk game design with anyone
Felicia Day on The Nerdist
Guys wearing pink
13th Warrior
How tall are gnolls?
JCVD & Time Cop
Sean Connery impression
Favorite Paranoia moment

A Bone Got Wot

Episode 16 – Spam Spam Spam Spam

This week’s Science Corner puts feathers on a T-Rex, plus a bonus PSUEDO-Science Corner. There’s Hangman on the gaming table, and: Can the Internet really be the solution to all Mike’s problems? Mike digs out decade-old music that he missed the first time around, and then R2 surprises us with an all Ximnipot edition of the Pod-O-Matic… it’s got a surprise movie review, jet packs vs. flying cars, a tribute to Scandanavians, and how to handle the lamest mummy invasion ever! How can you survive without this knowledge? That’s right–you can’t!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 16 – Spam Spam Spam Spam

Show Notes

Cohost: Connor MacLeod
Feedback: Blog spam
Update: The Anime Project–Highschool of the Dead
Update: Cracked.com and elevator buttons

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Science Corner: Dinosaurs had feathers
Pseudo-Science Corner: Nibiru (NASA’s Ask an Astrobiologist)
Gaming Table: Holiday Hangman
Nerd Culture Report: Highest grossing movie star of all time
Something Completely Different: Internet fixes everything
Music: Placebo, Pure Morning
Word of the Week: Dubiety
BAMQotW: Christopher Walken in True Romance
Music: Okkeril River, For Real

Pod-O-Matic (Ximnipot-O-Matic)
Can insanity bring on creativity
If you’re last movie was a pizza… Freeze Frame
What side of the bed do you sleep on
Your first stuffed animal
Do you believe in ghost or aliens?
Jet pack vs. flying car
Your last all-nighter
Nordic people?
Your biggest “what if”
Kill one person?
Hot pie vs. cold pie
Mummy invasion
Your last lie
Favorite boardgame

Diary of a Sidekick