Episode 23 – Terror at Camp Pinewood

Mike may be sleep deprived, but he loves you so much, he’s still here cranking out the quality material! First, he takes a bold and controversial stance against snobbery, and then he shares the latest roleplaying game that he’s created: a horror game featuring Boy Scouts called Terror at Camp Pinewood. Then he babbles incoherently for a bit before introducing the joys of ROKU! in a brand new segment. The music this week comes from Ok Go, and of course no episode would be complete without the Pod-O-Matic! This week, R2 serves up bits on the Konami Code, 30-sided dice, Talk Like a Pirate Day, the smoky allure of Susan Boyle, and no less a topic than THE MEANING OF LIFE! Never has an episode of Nerd Pride Radio been so crucial! Get in there!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 23 – Terror at Camp Pinewood

Show Notes

Sponsor: The Ministry of Silly Walks
Updates: Hunger Games
Updates: Cracked.com

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Cheese Culture Report: ‘Common’ cheeses & snobbery
Unnamed History Segment: Last Civil War Widow
Gaming Table: Terror at Camp Pinewood
Nerd Culture Report: Mike’s easily amazed
ROKU!: Lots of stuff, plus 1982’s The Thing
Music: OK Go, Get Over It
Right Said Thread: Hypnotoad
BAMQotW: Owen Wilson – Hansel – Zoolander
Music: OK Go, This Too Shall Pass

GI Joe v Cobra
Favorite pizza toppings
The word ‘Awesome’
Konami Code
Hard sci-fi v soft sci-fi
30-sided dice
Favorite TV show
What’s the meaning of life?
How hot is Susan Boyle?
Favorite Instant Game moment
Talk Like a Pirate Day

Anti-Captain, part 2

Episode 22 – Barbarians at the Golden Arches

Mike got his first Cease & Desist! So start with that. But he’s also got his first ever Nerd Pride Book Report on… the Hunger Games! Russell Peters gets punk’d by the King of Jordan, and Mike vents his Nerd Rage on Cracked.com.Not enough for you? Then rock out with the incredibly awesome Lloyd’s Garage, and then help R2 roll out his dice for the Pod-O-Matic: there’s Car Wars and zombies and Robotech and DC/Marvel mashups mixed in with the entries too bizarre to describe here. Soak it up!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 22 – Barbarians at the Golden Arches

Show Notes

Cohost: Daz
Feedback: Daz

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Pegacorns Revealed: Cease & Desist
Gaming Table: HeroBattle!
Nerd Culture Report: The Simpsons and Paul Winchell
Nerd Pride Book Report: Hunger Games
Something Completely Different: Russell Peters punk’d by King Abdullah
Nerd Rage: Cracked.com
Music: Lloyd’s Garage, Return to Sender
BAMQotW: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe
Music: Lloyd’s Garage, Suitcase

You bore me
Car Wars
Barbarians at McDonalds
Nerdy Christmas
Marvel/DC Mashup
Paladin powers
SNL shorts
Overexposed zombies
Paul’s shoelaces

Anti-Captain, Part I


Daz’s Links
Old School D&D stuff:
Swords & Wizardry
Basic Fantasy
Castles & Crusades

Scandal videos:

Episode 21 – Pegacorn Must Die

Holy cow! There’s three brand new segments this week! Mike explores the world’s disdain for pegacorns in Pegacorns Revealed. He finally gives the cheese it’s own segment in The Cheese Culture Report. Plus, there’s Chinese pirates in The Unnamed History Segment. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s interstellar travel in The Science Corner, Instant Game fun on the Gaming Table, and Mike caps it all off by bringing back the Nerd Rage! Music from Hayseed Dixie. And on the Pod-O-Matic, R2 brings Rock-Paper-Scissors, Blade Runner, more John Hughes movies and a classic Kiss/Marry/Kill. Can you believe you’re getting all this for free?


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 21 – Pegacorn Must Die

Show Notes

Nerd Pride smells like sunset in the Shire
Duncan MacDougall

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Pegacorns Revealed
The Cheese Culture Report: Saxon Shires
Science Corner: 100 Year Starship Project
Unnamed History Segment: Ching Shih
Gaming Table: Instant Game
Nerd Rage: Hidden tracks
Music: Hayseed Dixie, Centerfold
Word of the Week: escalate
BAMQotW: Kill Bill (Crazy 88)
Music: Hayseed Dixie, Fat Bottom Girls

Rock Paper Scissors
My backup band
Keaton v Caine
Blade Runner
Grumpy Old Man complains about MTV
Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, or St Elmo?
PSAs for Nerds
Banjo love
Best fantasy mount
Kiss/Marry/Kill – Fillion/Wheaton/NPH

Lost Pod-O-Matic: Animal Mashup

Episode 20 – Chimp with a Katana

It’s the first episode of the new year! Mike talks about Pathfinder and gaming with his youngest sons. He havers on about his favorite cartoon voice actors and Order of the Stick. And somehow he still finds time for TWO movie reviews on the SciFi Double Feature! All of this, and R2 still brings the Pod-O-Matic, with bits on Saturday Night Live, Power Pack, an X-Men pillow fight, the final word on the greatest Star Trek captain of all time, plus… a little Inspiration.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 20 – Chimp with a Katana

Show Notes

Sponsor: Acme
Feedback: Chimp with a Katana
Updates: Cheese Nerd Project
Mike was WRONG: gorilla gorilla gorilla

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Nerd Culture Report: Voice actors
Gaming Table: Calling Pathfinder Pathfinder and playing with little kids
Nerd Culture Report: Order of the Stick and… O-CHUL!
SciFi Double Feature: Tucker & Dale vs Evil and 13 Assassins
Music: Skindred, Nobody
BAMQotW: Fight Club
Music: Skindred, Pressure

Movie Reviews
McDonalds v Burger King
Power Pack
Favorite SNL bit
KJ to PJ, You’re the Inspiration
Picard or Kirk
Kitty Pride & Dazzler: X-Men pillow fight
Which Firefly character are you?

Cheese Shoppe