Episode 28 – Chips and Dips

Mike explains how the “Phyletic Size Decrease in Hershey Bars” directly impacts his chippin’ and dippin’ recreations. Then there’s yet another awkward nerd encounter, and Mike’s idea for his new TV show: Harvey Manor. And everyone’s favorite: Nerd Rage! In part 2, R2 brings out the Pod-O-Matic and Mike talks about Sons of Anarchy, gnomes, Bob Hoskins, John Cusack, and Mike’s favorite Marvel character of all time. Plus, hidden somewhere in there is an embarrassing story from Mike’s childhood, and the pros and cons of selling your soul to be a better DM. This is information you can’t live without!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 28 – Chips and Dips

Show Notes

Sponsor: Black Mesa
Excuses excuses excuses

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Science Corner: Hershey Bars and my chips & dips
Nerd Culture Report: Nerd encounter at career night
As Seen on TV: Harvey Manor, show concept
Nerd Rage: Uncivil discourse

Sons of Anarchy
What if gnomes were evil?
Dangers of a massive vocabulary
Embarrassing Brasky story?
Bob Hoskins & Expendables 3
Sell your soul for DM skillz?
Weird body skills
Geekitude – nature or nurture?
Favorite John Cusack movie?
Favorite and best Marvel characters
Last podcast you listened to

Bonus Pod-O-Matic: Robert Heinlein… mysogynist

I ain’t dead yet

Sorry for the crappy release schedule. There’s been a lot of big things hitting all at once (and most of it good), and I’ve been crazy busy with family stuff. I have outlines for the next two podcasts ready to go, but just no time to record.

I apologize for leaving you hanging, but I’m getting there. Next podcast could be anywhere from this weekend to next weekend, depending on how it all works out. I’m playing it by ear, and I’ll keep you posted.

Episode 27 – Warrior Dash, io9, and Raptors

Mike opens with Warrior Dash–the roughest, toughest, meanest race to ever wear a Viking helmet. Then it’s all about Shared Space: traffic without signs. Io9–the geek news site designed solely to cater to Mike’s nerd predilictions. He waxes philosophical about TV mini-series, and wraps up with a healthy dose of Nerd Rage! Then it’s R2’s turn: he cranks out a baker’s dozen on the Pod-O-Matic with such vital, life-altering questions as… Obi Wan v. Jet Li? Your favorite Greek city-state? And what would Mike do for a Klondike Bar? You can’t miss this… the fate of the universe hangs in the balance!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 27 – Warrior Dash, io9, and Raptors

Show Notes

Sponsor: Aperture Science Technologies

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Gaming Table: Warrior Dash
Science Corner: Shared Space… traffic without signage
Nerd Culture Report: io9
As Seen on TV: Mini-series
Nerd Rage: Social networking at work
BAMQotW: Jurassic Park

How do you like your burgers?
You have one month to live…
Obi Wan vs. Jet Li
What happened to Capt Britain?
Funniest movie?
Cool in school
Ever shot a gun?
Cyborg pirate!
Ever shot milk out your nose?
Favorite Greek city-state?
What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
9 vs. 13

Bonus Pod-O-Matic: Two things you’re a snob about