Episode 30 – Murder Lake and A Game of Thrones

Mike’s a little giddy, because he’s been proved right on the whole diet soda thing by no less an authority than… SCIENCE. On the history segment, he talks about Lake Nyos–the most murderingest lake ever. Mike toots his own horn for a while at the Gaming Table, talking about his own game Pariah. The Book Report finally gets to A Game of Thrones, and black holes dominate our Science Corner. All this before R2 makes his appearance: on the Pod-O-Matic, there’s Clu Clu Land, Eddie Munster, Mike’s curriculum for Nerdity 101, and John Carpenter the RPG… plus so much more. If you can only have one podcast episode on a desert island… this is the one!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 30 – Murder Lake and A Game of Thrones

Show Notes

Cohosts: Tank and Dozer
Updates: Diet soda… Mike is VINDICATED!

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Unnamed History Segment: Lake Nyos–Murder Lake
Gaming Table: Pariah
Nerd Pride Book Report: A Game of Thrones – Song of Fire and Ice, Book 1
Science Corner: Black holes and 4D black holes
Word of the Week: Pseudepigraph
BAMQotW: Evil Dead II and Ash. And Ash. And more Ash.

Last non-D&D game you played
Diablo II: barbarian or amazon?
What color is your light saber?
When were you OK with being a geek?
Favorite ColecoVision game
How do we get more nerd girls?
Eddie Munster
Favorite holiday
Favorite great role in a bad movie
Curriculum in Nerdity 101
Does Nerd Pride recycle?
Two magic rings, but only one arm?
John Carpenter the RPG

Simpsons fanfic

Episode 29 – Road House, Power Man, & Dark Energy

Mike finally made it through Power Man! Find out how it was. Then he tries to give advice on getting into RPGs and distracts himself with nostalgia. There’s dark matter AND dark energy on the Science Corner, plus Road House and the Hunger Games in this week’s movie double feature. And as if all that wasn’t enough, R2 comes through with the Pod-O-Matic and makes Mike talk about M&Ms, eggs, Huey Lewis and the News, what happens when you combine portable holes with bags of holding PLUS no less than TWO kiss/marry/kills, and so much more! Come and get it while it’s still hot!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 29 – Road House, Power Man, & Dark Energy

Show Notes

New staffer: Yancey the Fanfic Proofreader
Updates: Power Man-the final chapter

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Gaming Table: Getting into RPGs
Science Corner: Dark energy and Asimov’s Relativity of Wrongness
Science Fiction Double Feature: Road House and Hunger Games
BAMQotW: DiNero in Heat

Eddie Murphy and the hooker
F/M/K – Angel, Buffy, Arthur
Spinning dice
Portable Holes and Bags of Holding
Favorite RPG supplement
M&Ms – plain or peanut?
How do you like your eggs?
Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
F/M/K – Zooey Deschanel, Katy Perry, Rosie O’Donnell
Best Order of the Stick moments
Huey Lewis and the News
Favorite Muppet moments
Favorite Defender?
Cab stories

Anne Frank/DBZ crossover fanfic