Episode 37 – Half Second Cousins Once Removed

Mike’s got news from Alpha Centauri to open. Then he rambles on about how much his dad loves hair metal. And finally back after a long haiatus–it’s time for some NERD RAGE! where Mike complains about people who complain about movies. In the Pod-O-Matic, R2 brings out smelly dads, the hazards of teleportation, frog dissection, Silver Spoons, genetically engineered poultry, and the true nature of beauty (hint: It’s Mila Kunis). Catch this episode and be the envy of all your friends!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 37 – Half Second Cousins Once Removed

Episode 36 – Pod-O-Matic-Palooza

It’s all Pod-O-Matic! All the time! I don’t know what could make it more exciting than that. R2 randomly selects some 40-odd entries from user-submitted questions. Are you sick of election coverage? Do you want to know Mike’s favorite cheese? Black magic? Apple users: classic nerds or douchey hipsters? What kind of car does a classic D&D party roll up in? These and 40 more are all answered right here! You can’t miss this!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 36 – Pod-O-Matic-Palooza

Episode 35 – Product Placement

Mike opens with a Book Report: More Song of Ice and Fire PLUS… the best time travel stories of the 20th century. In the Science Corner, Mike obsesses over hexaflexagons. Then in the Unnamed History Segment, Mike tells what cool stuff he has learned from his 3rd grader. You’ll be amazed! But all that is just the teaser for the greatest product placement in all of movie history. Then R2 takes over for the Pod-O-Matic, and Mike covers D&D vampires vs. Underworld vampires, World of Warcraft’s assimilation of Kung-Fu Panda, awkward gamers of all ages, and The Kids in the Hall. Add it all up, and you have the must-hear nerd podcast of the season. Don’t miss it!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 35 – Product Placement