Episode 44 – Dr. Noah!

Come meet Dr. Noah! Mike babbles on about how his Pathfinder experiences made him realize he’s an idiot. In the Science Corner, he introduces his youngest son’s magnum opus: Dr. Noah! Plus some talk about carbon fiber composites, nanotubes, and space elevators… right up your alley. Then R2 gives up the mad rolls on the Pod-O-Matic, and they cover Reel Big Fish, sleeping babies, Google+, a knock-down, drag-out Astronauts vs. Cavemen battle royale, and they cap it off with a too-long rant about Ender’s Game and Woody Allen! Feel the love!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 44 – Dr. Noah!

Episode 43 – Level Up!

Crom the Barbarian! Taylor Swift as a Pathfinder bard! The Statue of Liberty squares off against the Eiffel Tower in a steel cage grudge match! That’s right… Mike’s BACK, kiddies! And yet not once does he explain where he’s been for almost a year. Then after all of THAT nerdy goodness, Mike reunites with R2 and they hit Thor, prime numbers, Wayne Brady, graphing calculators, station wagons, Chris Tucker, and a half-dozen other cutting edge, current event topics! THIS is the podcast you’ve been waiting for!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 43 – Level Up!