Episode 51 – Mazes and Bridges and Fortresses

Holy cow, does Mike love Pathfinder! After rambling on for a half hour about how awesome Pathfinder is, Mike finally gets to eating dogs and then ranting about his stupid keyboard in this week’s Nerd Rage! With a sad heart, Mike retires the Badass Movie Quote of the Week and then rolls out R2 for some incredible Pod-O-Matic. Backyard volcanoes, critical hits, roller boogie, crop circles, lobster pizza, Zachary Quinto’s Spock, and making out in movie theaters… All this and so much more! The very best podcast you’ll listen to this week or your money back. Guaranteed!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 51 – Mazes and Bridges and Frortresses

Episode 49 – Manly Man

This week is all about nerd oppression turned to triumph, and how it involves Wil Wheaton and Mike’s new favorite poem… Manly Man! But before that, he’s got Orphan Black plus Rick & Morty on the ROKU segment, and boiling water at room temperature in the Science Corner. On the Pod-O-Matic, R2 looks to be a no-show, but after a miraculous last-minute recovery, our favorite podcasting droid serves up the worst parts of AD&D, what to do when reptoids take over the earth, sex dreams, stupid emergency room visits, and Mike’s favorite concerts ever! You’d be a fool to pass this one up. Don’t be a fool! Listen NOW!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 49 – Manly Man