Episode 54 – Miley Cyrus Gets High

This week: Pathfinder/D&D min-maxing on the Gaming Table; putting Miley Cyrus into orbit in the Science Corner; and crabbing about the new Amazing Spiderman’s post-credits scene. Mike’s plate is so full he has to put off his RAGE one more week. But then R2 rolls out with an awesome Pod-O-Matic list with over 80 new entries. And this week he delivers favorite podcasts, baby naming, a remake of Krull, Hulk babies, booze, hovercraft, and… Holy Crap! It’s grocery zombies! Seriously, do I really have to say more than GROCERY ZOMBIES! Get in here!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 54 – Miley Cyrus Gets High

Episode 53 – Ratapult

Mike just won’t shut up! First a little listener feedback, followed by Mike’s Gaming Table where he talks about putting his own advice to work for him. Then all the stuff Mike’s watching on streaming in his ROKU segment, plus his love-hate relationship with product placement. And speaking of love-hate, Mike talks about the Ender’s Game movie and Dan Harmon in his Nerd Culture Report and tops off the meticulously plotted portion with his undying love for a folded piece of paper: The PocketMod. In the second half of the show, R2 dishes on Frozen, Tempest, cell phone games, lying teachers, and He-Man vs. Thundarr in the Nerd Pride cage match! Plus other neat stuff! Can you believe it?


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 53 – Ratapult

Episode 52 – Racism, Sexism, and Pathfinder Evil

Mike has a story about pee–buckets and buckets of pee–before he moves on to the more serious topic of throwing cats out of high-rise windows. At the Gaming Table, there’s a long treatise on Mike’s views of inherent racism and sexism in RPGs as well as how that connects in his head with the presentation of Evil within games–particularly Pathfinder. He’s got a minor Nerd Rage rehash to close out the meticulously plotted portion of the podcast before R2 rolls out the Pod-O-Matic. R2 brings Godzilla, Bun Bun from Sluggy Freelance, long walks on the beach, impressions, glimpses of D&D nudity, and copious amounts of horrible embarrassing singing from Mike. The must-hear podcast of the musical season!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 52 – Racism, Sexism, and Pathfinder Evil