Episode 66 – Just Not Cricket

It’s the Me.Like.Trivia tribute episode (apparently)! There’s feedback from Mrs. Darcs to kick it off. Then on the Unnamed History Segment, Mike regales us with scandalous tales of cricket. At the gaming table, Mike talks about the awesome stuff he’s gotten from the Paizo Golem Sale. And then Mike has awesome trivia tidbits and mad segue skillz in the Nerd Culture Report. But what’s a Nerd Pride podcast without R2? On this week’s pod-o-matic, R2 delivers conversations with dead people, Westerosi religion, green sauce vs. red sauce, beer vs. wine, and filling your tires with pure nitrogen. And more! This is the podcast the people demanded! Jump on that bandwagon!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 66 – Just Not Cricket

Episode 64 – The Apology Episode

Mike is SOOOOOOO sorry about episode 63 that he recorded a new one to apologize. He blathers on and on about that for a while, and the does the Nerd Pride Turntable and regales you with tales of Smash Mouth performing with the world’s most awesome 12-year-old guitarist. Then it’s all about R2 and the Pod-O-Matic. R2’s bring a full 15 entries, with the hottest presidential ticket for 2016, Pathfinder talk, gerbil guns, Mike’s criminal past, Hawk the Slayer, cheese, and of course, the final answer to Trek vs. Wars. And so. Much. More! This is the apology you’ve been waiting for. This is the apology you deserve! Don’t miss it!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 64 – The Apology Episode

Episode 62 – Runyonesque

Mike gets taken to school! Which is where he records this week. First Period is the Unnamed History Segment featuring Damon Runyon. Second Period is recess and the Gaming Table! Mike follows up on Pathfinder morality with his kids and his growing love for Strands of Fate. Then more history with the origin of the pairing of Tom with Jerry. Last period, Mike gives a Nerd Pride Book Report on Mazerunner with a bonus Mazerunner movie review. After school, all bets are off as Mike and R2 hide out in their tree fort and R2 brings the Pod-O-Matic… the D&D lamia, modern era RPGs, Bladerunner, the true depth of Mike’s superficiality, creating D&D races, card games, ringtones, the Beatles and of course… why Cyclops the X-Man is such a dick! You can’t go to your grave without knowing this. Get in here!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 62 – Runyonesque