Episode 71 – Sick and Tired

Mike is sick! (And tired!) So it’s half an episode today. In the Meticulously Plotted Portion, Mike brings nothing! But fortunately that’s only about 5 minutes of flailing before R2 rushes in to save the day with the Pod-O-Matic! Double-Windsor knots! Brazilian Barbecue! A Star Wars themed F-Marry-Kill! Comets! Plus Mike’s favorite cast member from Dr. Horrible (hint: it’s all of them)! And there’s so much more! Come listen… you will not regret it!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 71 – Sick and Tired

Episode 70 – A Plan Comes Together

In the feedback, Mike gets chewed out for being a bigot. After flailing helplessly to defend himself from the heinous charges, Mike dives right into his gaming table with all kinds of Pathfinder talk, as well as answering a listener question. In fact, Mike does so much Pathfinder talk that by the time he’s done, R2 is already banging at the door to bring the Pod-O-Matic. R2 has old-timey slang and family holiday traditions. He’s got questions on one-liners, Star Frontiers, and a horrible moral quandary. There’s cooking talk and which side of the tracks Mike is from. And. So. Much. More. OK… well, 2 more. But they’re awesome too. We just don’t want to give it all away at once. Leave a little mystery, right? So get in here before the anticipation kills you!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 70 – A Plan Comes Together

Episode 69 – Ghoul Cages

It’s a show! There’s feedback from Ronster, and in the Updates (spoiler warning) Mike breaks his Snake record. There’s Hero Battle, a couple book reports, and the awesomeness of Neil Patrick Harris. And if all that wasn’t enough, Mike wraps up the Meticulously Plotted Portion of the podcast with Ash and the Evil Dead! Holy crap! In the second half, R2 rolls out the Pod-O-Matic, and It. Is. On. R2 delivers Voyager spacecraft, Google games, and a time machine to the civil war. Then there’s dragons, gaming miniatures, mech suits, and freakin zombie ghosts! That’s right… it’s a podcast! And now you’re a part of it. Never look back!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 69 – Ghoul Cages

Episode 68 – Interrupted

Mike got his performance evaluation at work. Are you excited? Mike is! And then there’s a Science Corner with the X-Stat syringe… supercool! Mike’s got another new awesome anime for the ROKU! segment, no less than three games to talk about at the Gaming Table, and awesome music from Sphere Ensemble for you to support on the Nerd Prime Turntable. R2 has a full plate on the Pod-O-Matic. It’s got garden gnomes and pocket protectors and Mike’s wedding. Plus action figures, Peter Dinklage, and more law-breaking from Mike’s youth. Too much for you already? Well the best is yet to come, because R2 caps it all off by getting Mike talking about Marvel superhero movies (again) and MST3K! You have never been so entertained!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 68 – Interrupted

Episode 67 – Deadpool Rising

Ba-BAM! Mike shares a new favorite podcast in the Unnamed History Segment. And then there’s a new season of Nerd Pride Deadpool on the Gaming Table and Mike regales us with harrowing tales of Pathfinder. BoJack Horseman appears on Mike’s ROKUUUUUUUUUU! And then Mike cleans up a bunch of stragglers off the MasterList so that he can get a new pocketmod. Did someone say R2? On the Pod-O-Matic, R2 wants to know the color of Mike’s underwear, what’s in his text messages, how mean he is to his brother, and all about his weight loss techniques. Plus there’s a half-dozen others that AREN’T directly about Mike. Be one of our first 50 listeners, and we’ll slash the price of this podcast in HALF! You’d be a fool not to listen!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 67 – Deadpool Rising