Episode 76 – Charlie Hebdo

First and foremost, Mike is really full of himself. But after that, it’s time to get all political as Mike discusses Charlie Hebdo, Westboro Baptist Church, and Jack Chick Publishing. Not to worry though, it’s back to fun and games after that with a new segment called Pod People, along with the RPG Fiasco on the Gaming Table, and Mike caps off the meticulously plotted portion of the ‘cast with a discussion of the book/movie Holes. In the second half, R2 rocks the Pod-O-Matic with Netflix, household chores, and what Mike actually does at work. Plus Krull, archery, and D6 gaming. NOW how much would you pay? Well, that’s not all, because the show runs into a third half with the longest and most fun Listener Betrayal to date. If you don’t listen to this episode, all the cool kids will make fun of you. You don’t want that, do you?


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 76 – Charlie Hebdo

Episode 75 – Dog’s Bollocks

What an awesome day! Mike opens up at the Gaming Table talking about Pathfinder and Harrowing, and writing stories to supplement roleplaying. The Kool Aid Man shows up in the Science Corner. Mike talks about cutting the cable in the Roku segment, and then rounds out the meticulously plotted portion of the podcast with a Nerd Rage about restaurant websites. But that’s not the end of it! R2 brings the Pod-O-Matic, with not one, but two! Christmas questions; how all Mike’s characters look alike; Mike’s awesome and (slightly) nerdy wife; Mike as U.S. dictator; Mike as Jar Jar Binks; plus a special Mrs. Darcs rage about bicyclists. And so much more! Be the 100th listener this week and YOU could be the future Mrs. Pride Radio! No pre-nup!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 75 – Dog’s Bollocks

Episode 74 – Son of Yojimbo

A very brief meticulously plotted portion. I little bit of feedback, a little bit of navel-gazing, and then R2 swoops in to carry us off to the magical land of the Pod-O-Matic. There is music Mike has grown to hate, Dragonslayer, and how Mike spends his Christmas. Then there’s one listener’s never-ending obsession with the works of Kurosawa, Car Wars, and something called a ‘breast collage.’ Plus many more! Come on… how can you turn away from something that contains the words ‘breast collage’? You can’t! Get in here and listen!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 74 – Son of Yojimbo

Episode 73 – Baba Yaga’s Time Machine

In the first show of 2015, Mike tells a bunch of stories about his kid. Then he shares his latest podcast obsession: The Thrilling Adventure Hour. In the Pod-O-Matic, R2 is geared up and ready for the new year. There’s warp drives and the invasion of the living gargoyles, organ donation and Mike’s favorite vacation spot. Umongus continues his campaign to trick Mike into watching Kurosawa movies. Plus time machines, Gamma World, and Mike’s hypothetical tattoo… and so much more. If you only listen to ALL of Nerd Pride Radio’s episodes this year, then make this one the first!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 73 – Baba Yaga’s Time Machine