Episode 90 – Sports Talk

We open up with everyone’s favorite segment: Mike was WRONG! Mike talks about his upcoming Gen Con trip on the Gaming Table. But then there’s Nerd Rage as Mike talks about sports talk and why nerd-level knowledge about sports is the only socially acceptable nerd obsession in today’s society. Then there’s a handful of Fingertips, as Mike cleans up his PocketMod, and he caps off the first segment of the show with a review of Age of Ultron and his anticipation of the new Mad Max film. But don’t put away your earbuds yet: R2 joins Mike for the Pod-O-Matic, and challenges Mike on the appeal of portal fantasies, human randomness, why bad things happen, and the first album Mike ever bought (spoiler: it’s Madonna). Then R2 gets to the History Channel, brontosauri, publishing order vs. chronological order in series, and succeeding in failure. Listen now… it’s like getting an entire podcast… for FREE.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 90 – Sports Talk

Episode 89 – Big Bird in Space

This week: a little cleanup on the Gaming Table, and Aidan joins Mike for the ROKU! segment where Mike gushes about Daredevil, and Aidan talks about The Babadook. To wrap up the meticulously plotted portion of the show, Mike talks about putting Big Bird into space on the Unnamed History Segment. Still not enough for you? Well then R2 is here to save the day with a slew of Pod-O-Matics. It’s Legos vs. K’Nex. It’s kilt design. There’s gnomes vs. elves, phobias, and the Alien movie, plus many more. The best podcast you’ll listen to in the next 90 minutes!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 89 – Big Bird in Space

Episode 88 – Flaming Cat Ship

In honor of episode 88, Mike has a review of a movie of the same name. After a little chatter at his Gaming Table, Mike explores the possibility that Pope Gregory IX helped cause the Black Death by his hatred of cats. And there’s some other stuff too, but Mike glosses over that to hurry into the Pod-O-Matic. R2 is in fine form, bringing entries on a cartoon themed F/M/K, how to identify Mike in the morgue, Mike’s superhero weakness, the mount he rides into Mordor, and why there’s so much math in Pathfinder. There’s so much more, but Mike would rather be watching Daredevil than writing more copy. Just go listen!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 88 – Flaming Cat Ship