Episode 95 – Bicycle Blitzkreig

Mike starts with an addendum to last weeks ‘cast about his Fathers Day adventures. Then it’s a conversation about Rachel Dolezal, race, identity, social constructs and the word “transracial.” In the History Segment, Mike shares stories of military bicyclists. And in his Nerd Rage, he goes on about the evils of trolls and what the Supreme Court has to say about them. The Pod-O-Matic has YouTube and Mike’s favorite toy, favorite meme and Mike’s greatest fear, plus Hannah Montana, Mike vs. Little Mac… and so much more. Come listen now… it’s the last podcast you’ll ever need!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 95 – Bicycle Blitzkreig

Episode 94 – Unbreakable Phone Booth

Mike has three of his sons on to talk about their awesome Father’s Day weekend. After talking about his gifts, they get to the gaming table and share their experience with Settlers of Catan. Then in the Science Corner, they postulate on what would happen if you put 7.5 billion people into an unbreakable phone booth. They hit the drive-in this weekend, so there’s reviews of both Pitch Perfect 2 and Inside Out on the Sci-Fi Double Feature. Guess which one was the good movie? (Hint: It’s Inside Out). Aidan does horror movie reviews on ROKUUUU! On the Pod-O-Matic, R2 rolls out a half dozen listener questions covering Elvis, nametags, donut fillings, kids books, and Mike’s 10 Commandments of Gaming (sans about 6 commandments). It’s a Fathers Day miracle! You have to listen.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 94 – Unbreakable Phone Booth

Episode 93 – Counter Propagating Lasers

Counter propagating lasers? Apparently, that’s what Australians need to prove that quantum weirdness is exactly as weird as advertised. Mike talks about it in the Science Corner. There’s a little Patherfinder babbling at Mike’s Gaming Table, and then a bunch of clean-up on the Fingertips segment, including smartphones and Groundhog’s Day and hi-speed podcasts and Krysten Ritter and Mike’s stupid name. All that and we haven’t even gotten to the Pod-O-Matic. R2 is in fine form with Pod-O-Matics hitting things like Moks vs. Wookies, creepy children, Chez Geek, Mike’s favorite astronomical oddity, and so many more. Get your VCR ready, because you’re going to want to record this one for sure. Get in here and listen!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 93 – Counter Propagating Lasers

Episode 92 – You Know What I Did This Summer

Mike’s been on vacation, so the ‘cast is a little late. But now he gets to tell you all about his trip: tornadoes and floods; a trip to Six Flags; a zombie-themed birthday; a Science Fiction DOUBLE-Double Feature with reviews of FOUR movies including Zombieland, Die Hard, 13th Warrior and Mad Max: Fury Road. Guess how much Mike loved Fury Road! He talks Gaming Table with a look at Dungeon the board game and Murder Under the Big Top, a murder mystery party game that was amazing. In fact, Mike’s vacation was so spectacular that poor R2 could only squeeze in a handful of Pod-O-Matics at the end. Don’t be the last of your friends to know how long Mike was trapped on the brand new Batman roller coaster… listen NOW!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 92 – You Know What I Did This Summer