Episode 99 – Better than Free

First, Mike was WRONG! But that’s nothing new. Then an update on Rusty the dog, and Noah holds court on MarioKart 8 on this week’s Gaming Table. Mike nitpicks things for a while in his Pet Peeve segment, and then R2 starts the party with a half-dozen brand new Pod-O-Matics! The creepiest person Mike’s family knows, why Mike won’t read his brother’s book, surviving the zombie apocalypse, and more! Don’t miss out on the fun that never ends!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 99 – Better than Free

Episode 98 – Mrs. Hades

It’s a housecleaning episode, so Mike hits all sorts of topics: Should his son be Thor? More stuff on Pluto. What’s on the telly? Caitlyn Jenner. Hip-Hop accountancy. The Fantasy Movie League. @Customer_Service. Mike’s stupid phone again. And finally, movie reviews for Ant-Man and Jurassic World. But that’s not all! R2 doles out the Pod-O-Matics, and it’s off to French fries, smartphones, baked goods, a new FMK, a trip to Mars, and the superhuman power that might make Mike’s sister-in-law a supervillain. Plus so much more! We’re here for you… so listen now! [P.S. Not that anyone reads these show notes, but Mike realized after he started encoding that the whole Customer Service thing was a Facebook account and not Twitter. He knew that and screwed it up anyway. So look for a new Mike was WRONG in episode 99.]


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 98 – Mrs. Hades

Episode 97 – Camp Cedars

Mike talks about his awesome week at Camp Cedars. In the Science Corner, Mike plays with numbers to talk about 4-leaf clovers. Plus there’s a little talk about Mike’s Pathfinder character in the Gaming Corner. On the Pod-O-Matic, R2 brings listener questions on coffee, reavers vs. zombies, Mike’s John Wayne impression, sweet gummies vs. sour gummies, and Mike’s family as the Avengers, among other questions. Podcasts like this are the internet’s way of saying Love. Listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 97 – Camp Cedars