Episode 103 – Weresheep!

Mike is so sick! And whiny! So it’s a short one. There’s Pathfinder on the Gaming Table as Mike finally gets his home group going again… with a weresheep! There’s a Nerd Culture Report about the amazingly awesome astronaut Chris Hadfield. Plus Mike talks podcasts and shares more on Thrilling Adventure Hour, The Black Tapes Podcast, and The Higherside Chats. In the second half of the show, R2 delivers on the Pod-O-Matics, with Inside/Out, Viking viruses, liquid mercury and other cool stuff. Listen now, but no tongue… Mike’s probably still contagious.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 103 – Weresheep!

Episode 102 – FFMKK

It’s a Fingertips episode, where Mike cleans up all the old topics he’s found laying around the house: online comics, including the return of Bloom County; the invented language Toki Pona; McDonald’s breakfast; riddles; drones and robots and self-driving cars, oh my; and a bunch of others. Plus in part 2, R2 comes out with another batch of Pod-O-Matics. Mike answers listener questions about mail orders and disappointment, urban legends, Groot, RPG character design, battlebots, Nazi zombies and more. All this plus more of the ever-popular Listener Betrayal. What more could you possibly want? Listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 102 – FFMKK

Episode 101 – Gonna Need a Bigger Table

Mike opens by tying nerd fandom to One Direction in this week’s Nerd Culture Report. Then he talks about expanding his Gaming Table with a community game night. He nerds out for a bit over the joys of letting Google take over your life, and then breaks out his ROKU! to update you on what he’s been watching lately… So You Think You Can Dance, anyone? He rounds out the Meticulously Plotted Portion with a Nerd Rage about trying to upgrade his phone with Verizon. R2 picks up the second half of the show with ten awesome Pod-O-Matics: Mike is forced to create a sci-fi RPG game on the spot; Mike’s favorite cult classic movie; chewing tobacco; Smaug vs Tiamat; vidcasts; and that’s only half of them! Sure to be a collector’s item… download this episode now and seal it in a mylar bag without listening to it. It’s guaranteed to double, or even triple, its value over the next decade. Don’t be left behind!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 101 – Gonna Need a Bigger Table