Episode 106 – Pod Science

Mike talks about all the new sciencey podcasts he’s listening to, and then give all sorts of cool science tidbits gleaned from his listening: the majesty of crocodylimorphs before the rise of dinosaurs, the future of facial recognitions software, the science of predicting movie success, and discrimination vs blind auditions in orchestra hiring. Then R2 rolls out the Pod-O-Matic, and Mike addresses listener queries about the Lord of the Rings Drinking Game, Her, all the types of nerd Mike wishes he could be, Mike’s favorite AD&D adventure, Mongolian barbecue, and seven more. Start listening now, and be the coolest kid in your school!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 106 – Pod Science

Episode 105 – Do You Queue Too

This week is science, science, and more science: Mike talks about the James Webb space telescope; new information about merging in traffic and how to wait in line; Homo Naledi… the newest member of the hominid family; and tragically, the sale of National Geographic to Fox. Then there’s a little bit about Sense8 on Netflix and its representation of LGBTQIA persons, and a couple notes of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure and Shyamalan’s new movie The Visit. R2 has ten brand spanking new Pod-O-Matics this week, including listener queries on carrot cake, computer mice, The Price is Right, and Mike’s favorite zero-level spell, plus a half-dozen others! Come check it out while supplies last!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 105 – Do You Queue Too

Episode 104 – Spirit Possum

Mike opens with a Nerd Culture Report talking about blogger Kelley Hartnett and YouTuber Hannah Hart. Then a quick spiel on the beauty of taking turns. On the Science Corner, Mike gets one step closer to his self-driving car with smart traffic signals, and then he babbles on about pure nonsense at the gaming table. For the second half of the show, R2 rolls out the Pod-O-Matic bubble to pick listener queries on 80’s TV shows, Munchkin, earthquakes, Battle Bots, as well as Mike’s spirit animal and so many others. It’s an awesome show. You’ll never forgive yourself if you miss this one… so listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 104 – Spirit Possum

Blue is a Circle — Kelley Hartnett’s blog

MyHarto — Hannah Hart’s YouTube channel