Episode 110 – A Week’s Waste

It’s a fingertips episode! Mike’s cleaning up the topic list again, and he talks about The Birthday Song, imaginary friends, nuclear missiles and missile silos, proper flag design, stargazing, and spelunking. Then he gets R2 in on the act and they cover cheese, marching band music, email signatures, Mike’s bold predictions for the future, and MORE! Add on some awesome Listener Betrayal, and this is Nerd Pride Radio’s most action-packed hour ever!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 110 – A Week’s Waste

Episode 108 – Wedding Themed

A podcast bookended by wedding stories entirely by coincidence. After some brief updates, Mike brings out R2 for a full-on all Pod-O-Matic episode. Mike takes listener questions about Heroscape, dragons, Scarlett Johanssen, and Christmas trees. Plus, is the Marvel movie formula getting old? Who wins when Thundarr battles the brats from the D&D cartoon? And a dozen more awesome questions. And to top it all off, Mike brings on a brand-new, first-time-on-this-podcast, surprise guest for Listener Betrayal! It’s nerd podcasting at its finest!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 108 – Wedding Themed

Episode 107 – Saving Doctor Doom

This week, Mike talks about his ongoing obsession with the Fantasy Movie League, plus he has finally figured out how to make Fantastic Four into a good movie. In the Science Corner, he rambles on about the awesome Missouri River Expo he attended and the single most awesome fact about rattlesnakes he’s ever heard. When R2 comes out, he deals ten rock-solid Pod-O-Matics, covering everything from four sided dice to books to Elric to toy guns, from the greatest Star Trek Kahn to Mike’s dream of being a music nerd, and so many more in between. Listen now! There’s something for everyone.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 107 – Saving Doctor Doom