Episode 121 – Boxing Day Report

A recap of Mike’s holidays, recording on Boxing Day. The gifts, the food, the family time… it’s all in here. And what did Mike get for Christmas? If you guessed “a whole bunch of new games” you’d be exactly right! Plus there’s R2 with a bunch of Pod-O-Matics, and of course a little bit of Listener Betrayal. A great end to a great year. Come listen and help me finish this year in style.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 121 – Boxing Day Report

Episode 120 – Paranoid

First up, Mike’s a liar. But after we get that out of the way, he’s got a report on his son’s new tattoo. There’s a little Pathfinder talk at the Gaming Table, but mostly, this week is about Paranoia… one of the most awesome RPGs ever. Aidan’s got no less than FOUR movie reviews, and then R2 rolls out a handful of Pod-O-Matic questions from Nerd Pride listeners. Plus 40 minutes of bonus content after the credits. It’s crazy! Join us!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 120 – Paranoid

Episode 119 – Holiday Bonus

It’s a Nerd Pride Radio holiday bonus episode! And it’s all listener submitted questions in an action-packed all Pod-O-Matic extravaganza! Hot beverages, Felicia Day, Heroscape, Hawk the Slayer, Crunch Berries, Jason Mamoa, an infinite universe, and so much more! Just a bit of fun from Mike to fill the middle of the week. Soak your feet in it and let all your troubles go.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 119 – Holiday Bonus

Episode 118 – Pickles are Gross

Mike has opened his first Christmas gift of the year, and it’s awesome! After he tells you all about it, it’s time for game talk and then more game talk: Pathfinder, Snake, Poker, Zombie Dice, Munchkin, Rascist Pegacorn’s Fantasy Movie Draft, Nerd Pride Deadpool, Homeroom, Paranoia. It’s a lot. Then Mike raves about his new favorite podcast Sayer and why you absolutely should be listening to it right now. Plus there’s Jessica Jones. When R2 finally rolls up, he brings the Pod-O-Matic and eight new listener submitted questions about plants, pickles, Christmas carols, moving to new lands, homeopathy and home remedies, plus one where Mike just has to look around. It’s an awesome week, and you need to be a part of it!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 118 – Pickles are Gross

Episode 117 – Callous Guards

In episode 117, Mike clears out his Master List in another Fingertips episode. Cool names. Character backgrounds. Mike finally reads Kyle’s new book. The card game Guillotine. Impressing small children with SCIENCE! And a bunch of other stuff Mike can’t recall right this moment, because he’s too lazy to look it up. And of course another solid batch of listener-submitted questions in this week’s Pod-O-Matic. Get yourself some hot chocolate and snuggle up with the only podcast you’ll ever need!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 117 – Callous Guards