Episode 124 – Dr Lazarus RIP

Mike’s finally getting over his illness, and cranks it up this week with the Gaming Table: Homeroom, Battle Sheep and the awesomeness of Blue Orange Games, Mike getting trounced yet again by his kids at Carcassonne and Guillotine, not to mention epic Pathfinder ogre battles. Then, in a Nerd Culture Report, Mike explains how he thinks he killed Alan Rickman, and then details his harrowing six hours of surviving without a smartphone. Chilling. Then it’s Firefly and Walking Dead on ROKU, before R2 finally rolls out to deliver up listener-submitted questions for the Pod-O-Matic. They include Mike as a dog, the implications of a Nerd Pride base society, the KonMari Method, spicy food, old people ice cream, and Mike’s choice of ice sculpture for his son’s wedding… plus so much more! If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one podcast episode with you, you know it would have to be this one. Don’t wait til the island–listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 124 – Dr Lazarus RIP

Episode 123 – Star Wars 7, Hateful 8

Mike finally saw The Force Awakens! More than that, he also got to see Hateful Eight. And technically Knights of Badassdom too, but c’mon… it’s a Science Fiction DOUBLE Feature, so guess which ones Mike spends his time on. After that, Mike goes into Pod People and talks about a new geek podcast by a friend and member of Nerd Pride Radio, called Angry Geeks VS. The we polish off the meticulously plotted portion of the show with some Nerd Rage, as Mike complains about the soulless nature of retail work. In part 2 of the show, R2 rolls out in his fully pimped out Pod-O-Matic bubble and serves up a half-dozen listener-submitted topics, including the Kessel Run, Mike’s imaginary doctorate, and a Shakespeare-themed FMK–plus temperature preference, sporadic podcasts, and the legal/ethical guidelines of Listener Betrayal. Throw in some ACTUAL Listener Betrayal, and we’ve got ourselves a podcast! If you want to win this week’s billion-dollar jackpot, then you can’t afford to miss this episode!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 123 – Star Wars 7, Hateful 8

Episode 122 – Namby Pamby

Mike opens with a host of Uncomfortable Topics, just to clear the air and his PocketMod and start the new year with a clean slate. After that, it’s the Gaming Table and the slew of games he’s been playing over the holidays. Bob’s Burgers shows up on the ROKU segment and two new story podcasts on Pod People. Then R2 hits the scene with seven brand new listener submitted questions, and even a little bit of Listener Betrayal at the end. Nerd Pride is the only resolution you need for the new year. Stock up now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 122 – Namby Pamby