Episode 151 – Kidnapped!

A sad episode: R2’s been kidnapped, pimped out bubble and all! In his honor, Mike and his kids roll out 10 new listener submitted questions on the Pod-O-Matic. They talk movie cliches, and Mike’s roleplaying love life. There’s a kaiju FMK, whatever happened to Crazy Elf, and peanut butter jelly time! Kyle’s movie-a-day challenge, the president’s alignment, and so much more! Plus there’s even a little Listener Betrayal… but only a little. Mike’s on the downhill side of his second century of podcasts. Don’t miss this historic event! Listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 151 – Kidnapped!

Episode 150 – Sedna’s Urine Pot

150 Episodes! Crazy, right? On this one, Mike pauses to recognize the passing of Kenny Baker. Then he recounts his experience at the I Love the 90’s concert (spoiler, it involves Vanilla Ice and the Ninja Rap). On the Science Corner, there’s Greenland sharks–400 year old giants of the sea. The Gaming Table highlights this month’s community game night. And on ROKU!, Mike laments his dearth of time for watching all the great television that is available to him. The Pod-O-Matic delivers seven new listener-submitted questions, including NaNoWriMo, Nerd Pride shirts, awesome foreign films, the BEST board game and so much more. This is the podcast you’ve waited 150 episodes for. Don’t let it pass you by!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 150 – Sedna’s Urine Pot

Episode 148 – GenCon 2016

Mike and Dave rave about GenCon on the drive home. They talk about the Con; a Pathfinder campaign setting called Pure Steam; Beneath Nexus, an assymetrial dungeon-crawling card game; JunKing, a card game of monsters digging for the best junk; and Lazer Ryderz, an awesome new tabletop game of racing light-cycles from their awesome friends at Cardboard Fortress. After that, they have way too much fun with listener submitted questions on both the Pod-O-Matic and Listener Betrayal. Download it now before all the best ones are gone!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 148 – GenCon 2016

Episode 147 – Jomswikinger

At the Gaming Table, there’s Pathfinder and Bean Boozled and the coolest Viking game ever. Plus, how to get away with murder. Mike watching Stranger Things and loving it. Plus there’s Nerd Rage over the only two book series Mike has ever rage quit. R2 comes out with 4 new listener-submitted questions on the Pod-O-Matic–disappointing games; Peter Pan vs Robin Hood; if you love them, should you REALLY set them free; and a little Heroscape. All that and you know there’s some Listener Betrayal. Listen now, and remember to do your part for the environment by regifting this episode when you’re done.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 147 – Jomswikinger