Episode 186 – The Black Bomber

Thanks to a wealth of listener feedback, Mike revisits the tricky subject of complimenting strangers. Then he talks about his own game setting for post-apocalyptic superheroes, Legacy of Justice. On the Science Corner, there’s great white sharks and why you can’t keep them in captivity. Plus the Black Bomber, who very nearly became the worst mistake DC comics ever made. In yet another Uncomfortable Topic, Mike has a frustrating conversation about Planned Parenthood with a coworker. And then he’s got reviews of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Iron Fist. It’s a jam-packed episode, so after all of that, R2 only has time for one Pod-O-Matic question before we get to Listener Betrayal. Come and listen now–you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wish it wasn’t over so soon.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 186 – The Black Bomber

Episode 185 – Shyguy’s Moped

Mike reviews Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (spoiler: it tastes terrible). Then, after a couple random tidbits and a rant about checkout lines, Mike spends a while trying to sort out his feelings on the ways our world objectifies women and his personal struggle to not come off as a creepy old man. To save him from the existential pit of angst, R2 rolls in with a handful of new listener-submitted questions on the Pod-O-Matic. Quentin Tarantino films, the grossness of children, space elevators, and transforming into a car. Overall, not a bad way to spend an hour. And bonus: we get to do it together!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 185 – Shyguy’s Moped

Episode 184 – Caveman San Diego

Fingertips episode: Mike talks about Guardians of the Galaxy, Magic the Gathering, chewy candy, how The National Enquirer has its finger on the pulse of the Trump voter, plus Lootcrate and other odds and ends. After that, R2 delivers a dozen new listener-submitted questions on the Pod-O-Matic. There’s Mike’s musical princess name, what to say to young Lindsay Lohan if given the chance, why Mike’s hand is stuck in a toaster, Pokemon, and of course where in the world is Caveman San Diego. All that and a half-dozen more that are just as awesome. Other podcasts only wish they could be this cool. You need to listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 184 – Caveman San Diego

Episode 183 – Empress Skittles

Mike opens up with a Gaming Table to nowhere. He literally has nothing. But he follows it up with a complaint about prescription medication and a review of the Percy Jackson books. But then it’s Pod-O-Matic time! R2 rolls up over a dozen brand-new, listener-submitted topics. From when you’re sick and tired of winter to Kickstarter. Mutants and Masterminds, Pink Floyd bootleg tapes, three-digit prime numbers, dancing lessons. There’s oxfords vs. brogues and a semi-presidential Bed-Wed-or-Behead. So many topics, so little time! Hurry up and get your listen on before it’s gone forever!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 183 – Empress Skittles