Episode 197 – Hello Neighbor

This week is our second installment of Awesome in the 80’s, where Mike and Aidan take a look back at Adventures in Babysitting. But before that, there’s an actual video game on the Gaming Table–Hello Neighbor. Then R2 has ten all-new, listener-submitted questions on the Pod-O-Matic: from bombardier beetles to electric toothbrushes, from in-laws to musical Beatles, plus a half-dozen more! This is your last chance to hear Nerd Pride Radio before GenCon 2017 changes everything. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t get on it right now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 197 – Hello Neighbor

Episode 196 – No Spoilers

Mike talks about the totally radical awesomeness of Lazer Ryderz and follows it up with the high points of his RPG experience and his slow growth as a gamer. Then Noah takes charge of the Sci-Fi Double Feature with (spoiler-laden) reviews of Spiderman: Homecoming and War for the Planet of the Apes. R2 delivers four new listener-submitted questions for the Pod-O-Matic and then there’s a surprisingly busy Listener Betrayal to cap it all off. So dust off the old 8-track player and break out the headphones, cuz this is the episode you’ve been waiting decades for!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 196 – No Spoilers