Episode 17 – Outnerded

In this episode, Mike has found his Nerd of the Year: 17 year old Angela Zhang who can outnerd any one of you! Plus the greatest Christmas carol ever, and Mike rages pointlessly over his wealth of gadgets. After music from the Beastie Boys, R2 delivers hard on the Pod-O-Matic: it brings up Fred Hicks and Chris Hardwick, there’s a height check on gnolls, some 13th Warrior and Time Cop, and Mike’s favorite moment from the game Paranoia. And with all of that, Mike is still outnerded by Angela Zhang.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 17 – Outnerded

Show Notes

Sponsor: Hyrule Bikini Team
Updates: Archipelago

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Science Corner: Angela Zhang
Nerd Culture Report: The Nerd Pride triumverate
Turntable: A Bone God Wot
Nerd Rage: A plethora of electronics
Music: Beastie Boys, Intergalactic
Word of the Week: Cullion
Music: Beastie Boys, Brass Monkey
BAMQotWeek: X-Men
Music: Beastie Boys, Make Some Noise

Talk game design with anyone
Felicia Day on The Nerdist
Guys wearing pink
13th Warrior
How tall are gnolls?
JCVD & Time Cop
Sean Connery impression
Favorite Paranoia moment

A Bone Got Wot

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