Episode 178 – Thundarr the Barrbarrian

Mike’s first playtest of Mars Needs Cows! And it was awesome! Then Mike geeks out about Pascal’s Triangle… cuz y’know… he’s a geek like that. And then Mike talks about time travel movies–the BEST kind of movies–and the latest one he’s seen: Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel. But then R2 rolls out with the Pod-O-Matic, and he’s got a double load of listener-submitted questions for this week. From bears in schools to Thundarr Thurrsday; from duck fighting to an improv within an improv about neutering Ookla the Mok; from cotton candy to cyberpunk to the ultimate throwdown between He-Man and Thundarr! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because there’s over a half-dozen more that have nothing to do with Thundarr at all! It’s not too late to join the cult! Listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 178 – Thundarr the Barrbarrian