Episode 191 – Chicken Chihuahua Hybrid

It’s a plus-sized Fingertips episode… with Aidan! Mike’s got a huge list of short topics, and he and Aidan take them as they come. Movie reviews for the new Transformers and Baby Driver; camp stories about gaming; interesting tidbits about tabloid magnate David Pecker and why Mike was right all along about the National Enquirer being a shill for Trump; plus the chicken-chihuahua hybrid, racism and bigotry in the 80’s, and the Weathermen of the 70’s. Then comes R2 with a full dozen brand-new, listener-submitted questions on the Pod-O-Matic, with topics ranging from paintball and time travel to holographic universes and game night with the Fantastic Four. It’s a two-hour nerdstravaganza aimed right at your earballs! Listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 191 – Chicken Chihuahua Hybrid