Episode 194 – Awesome in the Eighties

Mike and Aidan introduce an all new segment to the show. But first, Mike talks about his observations at a Jason Derulo concert, and then gives a review of the new novel Meddling Kids. Then, in the new segment, Awesome in the Eighties, the guys talk about Top Gun… a movie Mike loved as a kid… and whether or not it holds up for a new generation. Spoiler Alert: Iceman is the good guy. Then it’s a full ten all-new, listener-submitted questions rolled up on the Pod-O-Matic. They cover topics from trigonometry and thumb drives to movie remakes, Kyle’s office pool on the death of Barnes and Noble, and one of the most cringe-inducing Bed-Wed-Behead bits ever. And that not even including an amazing Listener Betrayal. Awesome day! Awesome podcast! Come get your listen on!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 194 – Awesome in the Eighties