Episode 203 – Back from the Future

Gaming Table: Mike talks about the board game Santorini as well as Paizo’s use of the OGL. Science Corner: Sign language apes, the linguistic role of ‘dude’, and cool solar system stuff, including dwarf planets, ice planets, and planemos. Something Completely Different: avoiding useless details in storytelling. Nerd Culture Report: Mike finally gets all of his time travel movie talk out of his system. And then it’s the Pod-O-Matic with over a half dozen all-new, listener submitted questions rolled up fresh for your entertainment, including Lenny Bruce, Carol Danvers for President, Angie Tribeca and The Tick, and many more.There so much nerdy awesomeness in here that you might want to take it in small doses.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 203 – Back from the Future