Episode 216 – Snow Day

Today’s show is like no other! Mike starts with talking about Godball and Starfinder. Okay… that’s a little like other shows. But then he talks about his snow day and his magical snowblowers. Plus he breaks into some Science talk with a 10 Petawatt laser AND the ultimate AI chess championship. A segment on Hangman and social anxiety. Political talk on Gerrymandering. A History segment on Roman water curses. And to round it out, Mike harps on about Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Travelers again on ROKU. And then… finally… R2 joins the show with eight brand-new, listener submitted questions, including 80’s music, tolerance for being alone, some of Mike’s dazzling accent work, reparations for slavery, Paranoia, a new bed-wed-behead, President Trump, and the misogyny of the Smurfs! Truly this is the greatest show on Earth! Don’t miss out!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 216 – Snow Day