Episode 216 – Snow Day

Today’s show is like no other! Mike starts with talking about Godball and Starfinder. Okay… that’s a little like other shows. But then he talks about his snow day and his magical snowblowers. Plus he breaks into some Science talk with a 10 Petawatt laser AND the ultimate AI chess championship. A segment on Hangman and social anxiety. Political talk on Gerrymandering. A History segment on Roman water curses. And to round it out, Mike harps on about Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Travelers again on ROKU. And then… finally… R2 joins the show with eight brand-new, listener submitted questions, including 80’s music, tolerance for being alone, some of Mike’s dazzling accent work, reparations for slavery, Paranoia, a new bed-wed-behead, President Trump, and the misogyny of the Smurfs! Truly this is the greatest show on Earth! Don’t miss out!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 216 – Snow Day

Episode 214 – Ross is the Worst

Happy 2018! Mike and his kids have been playing Starfinder, and it’s awesome! Then there’s a short Nerd Rage, followed by an installment of ROKU, where Mike and the boys talk about Brooklyn 9-9, Bright, and Johnny Dangerously. Finally, the kids bail and Mike does a couple short segments to tell a personal work story and to complain about the TV show Friends. And then it’s all about the Pod-O-Matic! R2 serves up an entertaining dozen all-new, listener-submitted questions for Mike to hit out of the park. Your long search for the greatest podcast episode of 2018 is finally over! Download it now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 214 – Ross is the Worst

Episode 213 – Damned Souls

Mike was WRONG… about his own brother’s age. BUT he’s starting to be less sick, for whatever that’s worth. All sorts of updates and behind the scenes talk is followed by Noah delivering his first nerd rage–about Greek gods. But that’s all the brainpower Mike had left for prep-work, so R2 occupies the remainder of our time with a full 15 all-new, listener-submitted Pod-O-Matic questions. There’s questions about Mike’s dream drive-in double feature at the moment, his boardgame-in-progress Godball, Lemony Snicket, Wonder Woman, the scourge that is Kender, the Borg as Capitalism-analogy, and so many more! THIS is a good episode! Well done, Mike.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 213 – Damned Souls

Episode 212 – Our Mrs Reynolds

First up, Elijah has awesome news. Then there’s Mike’s new favorite animal: the kakapo. Plus he talks TV (Future Man) and new podcasts on his radar (Lore and What Really Happened). Then R2 delivers a dozen brand-new, listener-submitted Pod-O-Matic questions, including a really hard Bed-Wed-Behead AND a really easy one. Plus Dr. Horrible, Lego, Paranoia (twice), Ray Croc, Dead Baby vs. Yo Mama, and several more. This nerdy goodness has been aged to perfection in charred oak barrels, and now is finally the time! Come and get it!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 212 – Our Mrs Reynolds

Episode 211 – Garbage Cat

Reports on Mike’s first live Godball playtest. Awesome in the 80’s looks at the genius of Real Genius. Plus Jacob’s garbage cat, and Mike takes a break in the middle of the episode to go see Wonder. Aidan sticks around for a full 15 brand-new, listener-submitted Pod-O-Matics. All this, plus a free subscription to the show for the first 25 listeners to download this episode! I know… too good to be true!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 211 – Garbage Cat

Episode 210 – Peanut Butter Ghosts

Mike has all his sons around as he does another Fingertips episode. He talks about his new game Godball, his second favorite band-nerd, Antarctic movie night, podcasts so good you’ll listen twice, and Mike’s new best friend in the world. Then R2 has a baker’s dozen brand-new, listener-submitted questions on the Pod-O-Matic that mention Space X, Amazons on kangaroos, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, and how to detect ghosts with peanut butter, plus so many more! If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear it was butter! Listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 210 – Peanut Butter Ghosts

Episode 209 – Wassup Bro

Mike talks about continuing playtesting of the board game Godball. Then in the Science Corner, it’s all about the reproducibility of science and the joy of being wrong. This week’s Nerd Culture Report is all about the Punisher and Captain America as competing symbols of American patriotism. R2 rolls out a neat baker’s dozen of all-new, listener-submitted questions for the Pod-O-Matic. This is the podcast that you’ve dreamed about since you were a kid. Don’t miss another moment of it!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 209 – Wassup Bro

Episode 208 – Guy Fawkes Day

It’s Guy Fawkes Day! Mike has a story of gaming stupidity in Pathfinder at the Gaming Table. Then there’s pumpkins and zucchinis in the Science Corner. Mike shares a job story and insights into snowplows. Then there’s the tale of Guy Fawkes and how he is connected to our modern use of the word guy. Plus a little Nerd Rage! All this is followed by R2 and no less than 16 brand-new, listener-submitted questions on the Pod-O-Matic, including Pathfinder, political office, required reading in school, Antarctica, BBQ sauce, a Nazi goat, and so… much… more! To top it off, Mike has a stunning revelation in the Listener Betrayal. Come for the nerd talk… stay for Mike’s humiliation! It’s worth your time.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 208 – Guy Fawkes Day

Episode 207 – Mad Hatter

On this one, Mike’s got some science in the form of bees and ultra-high-speed photography. Then he delves into cultural divides and his own ignorance on Uncomfortable Topics. Then there’s observations from a camping trip, including the potential death of the Mad Hatter. And then he reviews and fixes the movie Happy Death Day. R2 has an even dozen all-new, listener-submitted questions on the Pod-O-Matic with RIFTS, ghouls, laser vikings vs. laser samurai, and a very special giant statue edition of Bed-Wed-or-Behead… plus more!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 207 – Mad Hatter