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Nerd Pride Radio is about all the things that interest me. And more specifically, it’s about sharing those things with my family.

I’m a 40-year-old nerd who has been happily married to a wonderful non-nerd for over 17 years. (Although, she been complaining that I’ve “nerdified” her, because she recently took a Nerd Quiz and was shocked that she got 12 out of 14 correct.) Together, we have four incredible sons ranging from preschool to high school.

I’m very pleased that my sons share my interests–my two oldest play D&D with me, and I think the youngest one wants to grow up to be a zombie. So everything about Nerd Pride Radio–the podcast, the website, the forums–is about sharing the stuff I love with my kids and family and friends. If anyone else comes along and gets something out of it… well, that’s just icing on the cake.


One thought on “About Nerd Pride Radio

  1. Mike,

    LOVING the podcast…and was a former fanboy of the Animalcast (I miss Kyle though – you guys were a great team)

    Some points. This one for the ‘Mike was Wrong’ segment. The Manx language is from the Isle of Man, not the Isle of Wight.

    And if you want to talk about some real wierd languages in the British isles, try ‘Ulster Scots’, spoken (rarely) in Northern Ireland and thought to be a dialect of the Scottish settlers who arrived there in the 17th century…derived from Scots.

    You mentioned anime in ep 10. Here’s one for you. Try ‘Moribito’. It’s an eastern style fantasy but not ‘Wuxia’ or anything. If D&D had been developed in Japan, this would be the Anime that sums it up. Stick with it, as the story builds wonderfully. My daughters love it. Also recommend ‘Bamboo Blade’ which is about an all girl Kendo team (again – my daughters’ pick – they insist that you must watch :)).

    And for the POD-O-MATIC…
    [pod-o-matic questions removed]

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