And the forums are open…

It’s a little sooner than I wanted, but we’re off to a good start.

I originally installed phpBB3 for the forums, but customizing it was just painful. I wound up with a nasty orange-and-gray theme, because I was forced to find the closest available theme and try to match to it. It was gross. And version 3 has millions of options I’ll never use that just seem to clutter up the place.

So I pitched it completely and went to phpBB2, which I’m already very familiar with it. Now I have the blue-and-orange I wanted from the beginning. I’m so happy!

We’re up and moving.

What I’m working on

For the last few months, I’ve been wanting to do a new podcast–have a place to talk about all the nerdy thoughts that have been backing up in my head. I’ve talked a lot about nerd pride as it relates to my own upbringing and how I’m raising my own kids, and once I hit on the idea of Nerd Pride Radio, everything just sort of came together.

I’ve mapped out the first four or five episodes, and I’m very pleased with what I’m getting. Then last week, my wife surprised me and said that as an early birthday gift, I could go buy me a website. Thus… She’s awesome.

So for the last week, I’ve been learning that I don’t know nearly as much about web design and HTML as I thought. But as of yesterday, I have a functional blog (yer looking at it), as well as some acceptable forums. They’re not too impressive yet, but I’m not ashamed to start inviting people in, and that’s all that counts.

Now, I’m looking for a good (and free) sound editor. I’ve tried a couple, and I’m not happy yet. But I need to get good at mixing together a podcast. I’ve got music clips and sound clips that I really want to drop in, and I want to sound at least halfway decent.

Maybe I’m going about this backwards. Maybe I should just record some stuff first and figure out the rest later. But that’s not how my head works. First I have to know I have all the fiddly bits lined up and that I can make this work the way I want… THEN I can start talking. Hopefully I find time this weekend to lay down the first episode or two.

Anyway, nobody knows this place is here yet. I’m not going to open it until I’m ready to release Nerd Pride Radio, episode 001.  But I’ll keep posting here to mark my progress.