Episode 26 – Portal, GenCon, and Comic Timing

Late but still awesome! Recoving from illness, Mike still manages to pack tons of nerdy goodness into this abbreviated podcast: Mike finally discovers the joy that is Portal, plus gives his ameteur advice on attending GenCon. New Futurama episodes hit Mike’s Roku, plus he havers on about celebrity baby names, and in the new Comic Timing segment, he recounts breaking into neighbor’s homes as a child. And with R2 batting cleanup on the Pod-O-Matic, there’s some Toontown, old gaming war stories, and your favorite 80’s sitcom cast as D&D characters. C’mon, you know you can’t look away now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 26 – Portal, GenCon, and Comic Timing

Show Notes

Nerd Pride smells like the Hufflepuff Quidditch locker room
Feedback: Not yet…

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Metatalk: Getting new music
Gaming Table: Portal
Gaming Table: Flip wants to know about GenCon
Comic Timing: Kevin Pollak and Bill Cosby
Nerd Culture Report: Celebrity baby names
ROKU: Futurama
BAMQotW: Verbal Kint, Usual Suspects

The coldest letter
Red Map Era gaming war story
Cast of Cheers in D&D

Pod-O-Matic: Kiss/Marry/Kill–Mit, Newt, and Ron

Episode 25 – Radio Silence

Mike opens with the greatest astronomer to ever lose his nose in a duel, followed by the most awesome toy of the year. Mike introduces The MaryAnn Effect and havers on at length about his ROKU! Plus Jabba the Truck, Casa de mi Padre, and the Whitney Houston time machine. But that’s not all! On the Pod-O-Matic, find out what one listener has done with Joss Whedon’s head, what exactly Number Two’s duty is, as well as the winner of the ultimate nerd showdown: Pan vs. Rabbit (plus Polly Pocket takes on Rainbow Bright in the bonus warmup match)! So tell me… do you think you’re nerd enough?


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 25 – Radio Silence

Show Notes

Cohost: A Rubik’s Cube with only 2 sides solved
Metatalk: No more licensed music
Updates: One for the Money
Feedback: Flip
Mike was WRONG: Akiva/Akira

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Unnamed History Segment: Tycho Brahe
Gaming Table: Perplexus
Nerd Culture Report: The MaryAnn Effect
Roku: Soapdish, Bunraku, They Live, United States of Tara
Something Completely Different: Jabba the Truck, Casa de mi Padre, the Whitney Houston time machine
Word of the Week: Ketchup
BAMQotW: Billy the Kid, Young Guns

21st Century Nerd Time Capsule
Number 2’s duty
Pitch your best game
Favorite XKCD strip
Kiss like a girl
Batman can take down the Justice League
Chicago to Hawaii express train
Peter Pan vs. Roger Rabbit
Yelling FIRE and crowded theaters
RPG you enjoy but have never played
Polly Pocket vs. Rainbow Bright
Where’s Kyle’s book?

Denis Leary’s A**hole rant

Episode 24 – King Harald the Hardass

Some weird electrical feedback threatens to destroy the sound quality for this week’s ‘cast, but luckily, Mike manages to single-handedly save the show! Mike gives his opinion on the upcoming 5th edition of D&D, and then puts his favorite year–1066–into the spotlight for the unnamed history segment. He offers up two unwatched films for the Sci-Fi Double Feature, and doles out not one… but TWO nerd rages! Mumford & Sons provides this week’s music, and Mike goes into full psycho mode for the Badass Movie Quote of the Week. All of that and R2 still delivers a full steaming plate of random podcasting: beholders, Ryan Reynolds, a princess fight… and so much more! 90 minutes of pure nerd awesome wrapped up in a single spectacular podcast!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 24 – King Harald the Hardass

Show Notes

Nerd Pride smells like Picard’s hair brush
Feedback: Akiva
Updates: Powerman

The Meticulously Plotted Portion
Gaming Table: D&D 5th edition
Unnamed History Segment: 1066 & King Harald Hardrade
Gaming Table: Wodin’s Eye
Something Completely Different: Cookie dough
Sci-Fi Double Feature: Yojimbo & One for the Money
Nerd Rage: Pay-per-bid sites
Nerd Rage: The Lone Ranger
Music: Mumford & Sons, The Cave
Right Said Thread: Google Translator Jokes
BAMQotW: No… Wire… Hangers!
Music: Mumford & Sons, Little Lion Man

Ryan Reynolds
Zelda v Peach
Why does Star Wars suck?
Cats or dogs?
The French
Instant Game challenge
Favorite He-Man character
Ask a Ninja
Red Dawn via Twilight 2000
Mario or Luigi?
Ride the giant owl!

Anti-Captain, part 3