Episode 34 – Cloaca Maxima

Mike explores the underworld of Rome in the History Segment, babbles about his kids again at the Gaming Table, spends time in the Science Corner going from Neptune to space colonization to mass drivers and space elevators, and then wraps up with something different: spicy food. On the Pod-O-Matic, R2 serves up entries from over a dozen different listeners: Direcat has a new take on zombie defense. Skree explores werewolf pirates. Brasky bitches about laugh tracks. Daz yearns for more Daredevil. Ximni starts a new religion. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg–there’s so much more! Listen to this episode or Paul dad’s will beat you with his cheese sword!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 34 – Cloaca Maxima

Episode 33 – Watching Movies Like It’s 1999

In this episode, Mike babbles on about gaming with his kids yet again, and then follows up with a rant on how Ustream botched the Hugo Awards. Then Mike details the most amazing year in American cinema EVER… 1999. And because the fans demanded it, Mike addresses the most serious controversy in the realm of superhero fashion. And it wouldn’t be Nerd Pride without R2 bringing the Pod-O-Matic. This week, heat vision vs. x-ray vision; why no one has ever really liked the Transformers; forgetful King Midas; D&D Druid powers; and so much more! The most important Nerd podcast of 2012! Don’t miss it!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 33 – Watching Movies Like It’s 1999

Episode 32 – Back from the Dead

It so awesome to be back! After he’s done begging your forgiveness for the long haiatus, Mike gets right down to business with more talk about Song of Ice and Fire. And you know he’s got to talk about Curiosity, but that’s just the prelude to the greatest space telescope ever! Plus there’s tons of stuff on the Gaming Table, and Mike reveals his pretentious obsession with Scandinavian horror movies. And R2’s back! And he’s bringing the Pod-O-Matic hot and heavy, with censorship, tongue twisters, mind reading, childbirth, and Rascist Pegacorn! And on top of it all… what song is Mike secretly ashamed to reveal that he loves? Listen and find out!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 32 – Back from the Dead