Episode 38 – Puny God

In violation of his previous rules, Mike makes it all about religion and politics in this episode… but in a nerdy way. The show opens with a new installment of Mike Was Wrong, and then he talks about his recent Wikipedia adventure into the realms of Indian and Arabic myth. In the Science Corner, he reveals how the most recent presidential election has confirmed his faith in math. And to round out the Meticulously Plotted Portion, he explores his take on Catholicism based on a recent conversation with his 9-year-old. Then comes the Pod-O-Matic! R2 has topics on level-draining in D&D, ears on frogs, Peter Dinklage as a superhero, and how the Ghostbusters cartoon invented Underworld! Rock solid Nerd entertainment. Don’t miss it!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 38 – Puny God