Episode 48 – All the Rage

It’s all about random number generators on the Gaming Science Table Corner! Then Mike gets on ragey about currency again, with a mini-rage about the treatment of Congressman Jim Kolbe. He follows that up with his observations on sledding and climate change plus the miracle of bathing with your Kindle. On the Pod-O-Matic, R2 goads Mike into talking about his favorite aliens, his favorite countries, his favorite Japanese good luck token, and his favorite bone-chilling pirate name! Plus the largest creature in D&D, Miley Cyrus and what to call rabid Nerd Pride Radio fans if we ever get any. Every download saves an orphaned griffin, so listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 48 – All the Rage

Episode 47 – Patent Trolls Ate My Baby

In this episode, Mike loses his stuff over patent trolls, but before that, there’s Pathfinder and indie video games on the Game Table, Mike’s obsession with The Baby Name Wizard blog actually falls into the Science Corner, and awesome J-Pop speed metal on the Turntable… plus three bonus Fingertips! Is that not enough for you? Then just wait for R2 to bring out the Pod-O-Matic, with Magic the Gathering, Marvel Comics’ Cloak & Dagger, Mike’s favorite nerd news sites, taste testing dog food, Mike’s last words, and $240 worth of pudding! PUDDING! Listen at your own risk!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 47 – Patent Trolls Ate My Baby

Episode 46 – Fingertips

Introducing Fingertips–Mike’s new segment where he cleans up his Master List! Sherlock, a new exo-planet hunting satellite, more 3D printing, Mike’s weird calendar obsession, the bleak future of self driving cars plus… Nerd Rage is back after more than a year! On the Pod-O-Matic, we touch on Paul’s stalkery love for Xena, magic item granting genies, Conan the Barbarian’s mommy issues, and who will play Mike and Kyle in the Nerd Pride Movie! All this plus a dozen more items that don’t sound so exciting in a teaser blurb but are nevertheless… AWESOME! Did I mention the Nerd Pride Radio Drinking Game? Listen NOW!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 46 – Fingertips

Episode 45 – The North Briton

The North Briton is in the house! First Mike promises not to swear anymore on the podcast… and then breaks that promise. The unnamed history segment features the North Briton newspaper and its blow for free speech some 250 years ago. As usual, there’s Pathfinder all over the Gaming Table, and Mike covers Peter Jackson and Terry Gilliam in the Science Fiction Double Feature. Did someone say Pod-O-Matic? Cuz R2 rolls out a dozen awesome topics, covering fruits vs. veggies, Chibi Batman, the ultimate Lost breakdance showdown, Bubba Nosferatu, and Danny Elfman takes on Clint Mansell in this week’s cage match! Take that!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 45 – The North Briton