Episode 57 – Wicked Awesome

Mike is in rare form this week. There’s freaky high concept physics stuff in the Science Corner; Designers & Dragons, a history of RPGs on the Gaming Table; Mike relates his personal experience with abandoned missile silos in the History Segment; and there’s even a Nerd Rage! R2 is back as always in a newly remodeled and ultra pimped out Pod-O-Matic bubble. And he’s got vampires and shoes, bunkbeds and Community, Mike’s favorite apocolypse, Jayne vs. McClane… and so much more! It’s truly truly wicked awesome!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 57 – Wicked Awesome

Episode 56 – Rambly Man

How much does Mike love stuff? Apparently a lot. And he’s willing to babble on about it at length. There’s Pathfinder and transgendered gaming at the Game Table. Mike raves about Guardians of the Galaxy and then finally gives up the long promised Nerd Rage on history. But better than all that: after a one episode absence, R2 makes his triumphant return with a dozen all new Pod-O-Matic entries. Underwater fireballs, Disney princesses, werewolves, Aquaman, fire ants, staple-less staplers, and so much more! This is the episode you’ve all been waiting for!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 56 – Rambly Man

Episode 55 – Lightning Round

Nerd Pride Radio is back for Season 5! And to celebrate, Mike covers no less than 30 topics in the extra long welcome back extravaganza! There’s X-Men and Pathfinder, drive-in movies and Red Hulk, Walking Dead, stupid phone games, Mike’s new deodorant, the X-Files, rock concerts, GenCon, tornadoes… and so much more! There’s more nerdity here than the average fan can handle! Listen at your own risk.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 55 – Lightning Round