Episode 78 – Pariah

Mike opens with awesome news on his Gaming Table! Then after some feedback and updates, he talks Attack on Titan on the ROKU! segment. In the Science Fiction Double Feature, there’s reviews of Horns and Boyhood… one that Mike loved and one that he hated. Then after a little clean-up… R2 brings it all home with the Pod-O-Matic! It’s got horror movies and Ghostbusters and the d20 open gaming license, plus a whole bunch of others. Don’t make us come to your house and get you… listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 78 – Pariah

Episode 77 – Shoes in Dothan

Mike rants about France and free speech again, but then quickly lightens it up with a new YouTube series called My Drunk Kitchen. Then once again, Mike’s a Ramblin Man. He starts off with a question about naming his Pathfinder character and then takes the conversation on a series of diversions from his crazy grandma, through fake accents, and finally to whether or not Channing Tatum can make Gambit work. There’s remote planets and moons in the Science Corner—say hello to Pluto and Enceladus. And finally R2 brings it all home in the Pod-O-Matic. It starts with cheating during D&D character creation, and it ends with patchouli, with ten more swingin’ topics sandwiched in between. Get in here and listen before this amazing offer disappears forever!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 77 – Shoes in Dothan