Episode 83 – Robot Names

First, Mike nerds out about robot naming patterns. Then, in the Pod People segment, Mike mourns the loss of the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. In a new Nerd Culture Report, Mike explores the cultural significance of zombies and copyright law. Plus there’s tons of good TV on ROKUUUUUUUU! But that’s only the first half of the show. R2 shows up for the Pod-O-Matic and rolls out all sorts of goodies from the listeners: Mike’s tell-all memoir, Hawaiian shirts, nerd animals, and magicians. If that’s not enough, there’s coffee, superhero movies, messing with telemarketers, and Mike’s most embarrassing moments of gullible stupidity. This is the podcast you’ve been waiting your whole life for, so don’t let this magic moment pass you by. Listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 83 – Robot Names

Episode 81 – Scriptless

Mike is going commando this ep… no scripts! He delves into the exciting world of release schedules and podcast pimpin in Metatalk. On his Gaming Table, Mike talks about the possibility of roleplaying bit parts in RPGs. The Science Corner brings a visit to the planetarium, and Mike waxes poetic about the vastness of the universe and how we’re going to screw up our first encounter with aliens. On the Pod-O-Matic, R2 brings the best of the listeners: Synesthesia, Mike’s favorite NON-roleplaying games, bedtimes, Christmas shopping, and onion rings vs. french fries. But we also find out what could turn Mike to the dark side, the time limits of fortune cookies, the meanest thing Mike’s ever done, and the D&D alignments of five Simpsons characters. Plus so much more. This is your chance to be part of the cool crowd! Start listening NOW!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 81 – Scriptless

Episode 80 – Kyle Harder

Mike got an amazing gift this week, and now he’s a professional nerd. In the Nerd Culture Report, he talks about the Power/Rangers fanfilm. For this week’s Science Corner, Mike answers an elephant question from his son with a story about Yellowstone’s wolves, with a surprise ending that leaves him confused but educated. Find out what Mike’s watching on ROKUUUUUUU!!! Plus a little clean-up. But no Nerd Pride podcast is complete without R2. R2’s got a ton of (strangely pet-themed) Pod-O-Matics this time, including Biscoff, bacon vs sausage, Tribbles vs Mogwai, space shuttle talk, headaches, coffee, socks, pranks, and two… count ‘em, TWO… F/Marry/Kills. On top of all that, we find out the smartest thing Mike has ever eaten. Are you not intrigued? This is your chance to get your nerd on. Let’s do it!

Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 80 – Kyle Harder