Episode 87 – Son of Fingertips

A podcast in two parts: Fingertips and Pod-O-Matic. In the Fingertips segment, Mike finally clears the detritus from his ever-expanding master list with short discussions on Neanderthal brains, caffeine, how everyone is a freak in their own way, the intelligence of crows, Aidan, a double movie review, George Takei’s boycott of Indiana, and Daredevil. Whew! And as if that wasn’t enough, R2 goes crazy on the Pod-O-Matic, and brings us a trip to the moon, Arnold in a new Conan movie, alternate names for the U.S.of A., conspiracy theories, school lunches, roleplaying games, curse words, and so. Much. MORE! There’s more awesome nerdiness in here than you can shake a stick at. Listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 87 – Son of Fingertips

Episode 86 – My Leg Feels Funny

Mike’s too tired to podcast, so he records the longest episode yet. Go figure. A bunch of listener feedback, a new installment of Mike Was Wrong, and then straight into a Nerd Culture report to talk about happy stuff: the new Star Wars trailer and some random free hugs dude from YouTube. Then onto the Gaming Table, where Mike talks about… I don’t know, it starts from Pathfinder and then he just runs with it. After that, a listener question about friendship diversity leads Mike into some seriously awkward rambling before talking about the highest ranking openly gay member of the U.S. military. To the joy of millions, Mike skips the Clean Up segment for this week and vows never to sing that Barney song again. But that’s not even halfway, because R2 drops in for a surprise visit and brings the Pod-O-Matic with him! There’s space travel, metal dice, has Mike ever caught on fire (hint: very nearly). Then he’s got American Idol song choice, why no two zombies can ever have the same name, and even more. Oh yeah, and Mike’s kids are all over this thing. Come on in a set a spell. We knew you were coming, so we baked a cake!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 86 – My Leg Feels Funny

Episode 85 – Goblin Parasite Fighter

Warning! Mike’s a little punch-drunk for this one. Rambly and perpetually tangential, and yet, as always, entertaining as all get-out. The credits take no less than 12 minutes as Mike uses them to describe the XF-85 Goblin. Then his Feedback bleeds into his Nerd Culture Report as he uses listener commentary and a review of Shrek the Musical to expound on his newfound thoughts about trans-issues and his late discovery of the word ‘cisgendered.’ And you’d think that would be enough, but there’s dwarf planets and space probes and other cool physics stuff in the Science Corner, and at the Gaming Table, Mike talks about the morality of looting in the Pathfinder roleplaying game. But that’s not all! R2 comes out for an abbreviated Pod-O-Matic segment discussing sincere, yet still horrible, movies (including The Room and The Stink of Flesh); cool names for groups of animals; and exactly how many player characters Mike has killed off as a game master (hint, the answer was slightly more than Mike expected). Maybe he’s biased and more than a little sleep-deprived, but on a scale of 1 to W, Mike rates this episode a solid Magenta. And you can take that to the bank!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 85 – Goblin Parasite Fighter

Episode 84 – Pukwudgie

This week, Mike rolls our his gaming table right away and talks about the ups and downs of his favorite game in the world: Pathfinder. Then it’s on to cryptids of North America in the Unnamed History Segment. Then he proceeds to undermine himself while ranting about intellectual property theft on this week’s Nerd Rage. If only he could have remembered the term ‘Fair Use.’ Oh well. But then it’s straight into the Pod-O-Matic with R2 and appearances by most of the family. They talk about naming planets, improving the Star Wars sequels, Mario’s career trajectory, the fate of the AnimalCast, unforgivable actions in RPGs, and best of all: the weirdest Aidan rumor ever. Plus even more. Download now, and you can get all of our back-episodes absolutely FREE! So listen now!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 84 – Pukwudgie