Episode 134 – How Many Elephants

Mike’s excited about his new Nerd Pride Radio forums! Then he talks about how 10-years-ago-Mike is kind of a dick. But also how his 10-year-old son Noah’s musical taste only serve to highlight how awesome he is. It’s shark/dolphin/ichthyosaur week on the Science Corner, and Mike’s playing Pathfinder AND Paranoia at his Gaming Table. Not enough for you? Well then let’s add on a Pod People segment and Mike is inspired by Patrick Stewart and Judd Apatow on the Nerdist podcast. Not to mention a half-dozen listener-submitted Pod-O-Matic questions, and over half an hour of Listener Betrayal this week. If Socrates were alive today, THIS is the podcast he’d listen to. So what are you waiting for?


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 134 – How Many Elephants

Episode 133 – Slash Nerd

Mike talks about how awesome Community Game Night is. Then he talks about the quest for a list of the most important Must-See movies of all time. There’s updates on the Holy Trinity, Yancey’s new donkey, and tragedy in the guinea pig family. Mike also talks about his website’s ongoing Deadpool game as well as his upcoming Paranoia game and the (hopefully) imminent release of his new Nerd Pride forums. On the Pod-O-Matic, Mike answers questions about Inside/Out, Tim Curry, Jedis and Thor’s hammer, Literal Game Titles, an Avengers FMK, and outrage culture.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 133 – Slash Nerd

Episode 132 – Boaty McBoatface

First a little Metatalk, as Mike explains the April 1st update, the continuing broken state of the Nerd Pride forums, and his birthday gift from his brother. There’s a nerd culture report about the soon-to-be free Toonz animation software, and the naming of the newest Antarctic research vessel in the Science Corner. There’s miscellaneous gaming talk, and then Mike uses Glenn Beck’s review of Batman vs. Superman as a launching point to talk about the us vs. them mentality so pervasive in today’s world. After all of that, R2 finally shows up with the Pod-O-Matic. There’s listener-submitted questions about self-driving cars, Mike’s time in county jail, and the best way to have pancakes, along with almost a half-dozen other topics. Come revel in the nerdity!


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 132 – Boaty McBoatface