Episode 200 – All the Love

Episode 200! Wow! To celebrate, Mike does a Fingertips episode. There’s Starfinder, and a new Starfinder actual-play podcast–Cosmic Crit. He talks about his spirit animal: Kumail Nanjiani, and whines about how now is the season for too much good television. There’s a minor rant about the comments on math nerd videos, a brief talk about tribalism, and then previews his upcoming episode on time travel movies. And that’s just for openers. Then it’s R2 time, and he delivers a full dozen brand-new, listener-submitted Pod-O-Matic questions. From the golden age of television (now) to Mike’s most annoying habits to traffic jams and Biscoff Spread to the best roleplaying game characters Mike has made and never played. Plus a half-dozen more. And after all of this, there’s nothing but love in the Listener Betrayal to top off the show.


Nerd Pride Radio, Episode 200 – All the Love