Episode 1 – Nerd Pride

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Episode 1 is now available!

In Episode 1, I talk about the concept of nerd pride. I play a little music, and then I get funky with the Pod-O-Matic. I’ll get more detailed with the show notes in the future, but for now… Hey look! It’s a podcast!

Show Notes
Cohost: My giant ego
Nerd Pride
Music – P!nk, Raise Your Glass
–Pluto’s not a planet
–Movie Review: True Grit
–I’ve stopped calling gay
Call Me Al

7 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Nerd Pride

  1. I’ve tried downloading a few times, but Episode 1 breaks off at 27:32, just after you say “…Pizza Guy© was not fooled”. Otherwise, very entertaining.

  2. Weird. I had a problem with that with Episode 2, but got it fixed. I’ll double check #1 and see if I can see the problem.


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